NDSU Receives Grant To Help In The Fight Against Cancer

NDSU’s Center for Immunization and Research got a big present from the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

The center got a $25,000 grant from the Prevent Cancer Foundation to make a difference in cancer education.

It will help more than 200 health care providers in North Dakota learn the importance of having their patients vaccinated for the Human Papilloma virus, which is a cause of several types of cancers.

Forty percent of North Dakota women are vaccinated for H–P–V and the national goal is to get that up to 80 percent.

“Our message in these appointments is really going to be, the HPV vaccine is cancer prevention. It is preventing cancer in males and it prevents it in females. It’s important that males and females are vaccinated between the ages of nine and 26, preferably the seventh grade visit when they receive their T–Dap and Meningococcal vaccines,” says Kylie Hall from the NDSU Center for Immunization Research.

The goal is to have no one in the region suffer from vaccine–preventable diseases.