Bike Sharing Still a Hit in Fargo

Thanks to bikers, Fargo is still holding the national record for the most rides per bike per day through bike sharing.
The non-profit organization Great Rides Bike Share hopes to continue the momentum of going green in the area.

On average, riders are making 20 trips a day, beating out the city of Austin, Texas.

The company says lowering entry fees for students have helped boost the numbers and increased bike traffic.

“It’s awesome to see bikes become the norm of our community. It’s really thrilling to know that there’s going to be a generation of students that’ll graduate and having bike share and bikes being just the norm for them in their college experience. So that’s really fantastic,” says Great Rides Bike Share Director of Operations Sara Watson Curry.

Great Rides Bike Share will be peddling forward in growth.

The group is moving the needle of progress by encouraging advocacy in more bike infrastructure.