City Dwellers Have Dinner at the Farm to Learn About Agriculture

People from all walks of the valley had a banquet on the farm Tuesday night to find out more about where their food comes from.
Many local businessmen, health professionals, and city dwellers at CommonGround’s Banquet in a Field.
Clear skies and locally grown food were served to the 130 guests in the corn fields.

It’s during a time when farmers say there’s widespread concern about GMO’s and how our food is made.
They’re loading up the wagons, heading out just in time for the dinner bell.
Farmers show off their recipes and set up their locally grown dishes.
The friendly faces of our valley’s ag community have come together to show the region where their food comes from.
“We’re here to show our city friends what farmers do in North Dakota,” ND Corn Council Executive Director Dale Ihry says.
Alongside the lively company and the live music, they’re showing off the crops, the heavy machinery, and even the drinks, summing up the day’s agriculture lesson in three things.
“Number one is that their food is safe. As a farmer myself, that’s my job is to grow a safe abundant food source. Number two, is that it’s plentiful. Number three, just the technologies that goes into it, we’re producing so much more with so much less,” ND Corn Council Chairman Scott German.
Moving here all the way from Florida, Kelly says the flatlands and farm fields are exotic.
“It’s a beautiful night and a beautiful setting. It’s very different from what I grew up in, and it’s very cold climate, but the people are very warm and it’s a great place to raise a family,” guest Kelly Dawson says.
This is the third year CommonGround has hosted Banquet in a Field, and say they want to continue educating the valley about how North Dakota is leading the nation in producing 14 different crops.

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