Road Construction Update: Roads Opening Up Again While Others Close

Road construction season is about halfway over.

With some roads opening up, there are a few additional projects now closing more roads.
“There’s I think six or seven contracts for second street,” Fargo transportation engineer Jeremy Gordon says.
Starting Monday, 2nd Street North is being closed between Main and 8th Avenue.

This includes the underpass often used to get downtown.

But fear not: city engineers say there’s a way around.
“The main focus is to get everyone in downtown on 4th street. So people should get very familiar with 4th street in the next couple months,” Gordon says.
But there is a silver lining.
City engineers say all lanes on 42nd street crossing 13th avenue south are expected to reopen in three weeks.
“I always have to skip through the mall and go around all the curves and everything just to get to work from where I live and everything,” John Haman of Fargo says.
They also expect the 1st avenue bridge to open in six to eight weeks, and 12th avenue north by the landfill is set to open up in 10 days.

“Pretty much everything is on schedule because of the weather, we’ve had exceptional weather,” Gordon says.
The good news is it won’t last, but these roads will: up to 30 to 40 years.
On Monday, 13th Avenue South will start moving lanes of traffic to the north side of the road.