Ugly Food of the North, HeartnSoul Cafe: Where Ugly Tastes So Sweet

Ugly food gets a gourmet twist.

Ugly Food of the North reminds people that sometimes wasted food can go a long way.

It may have an irregular shape, or maybe it just doesn’t look pleasant but it doesn’t mean you can’t eat it.

“It’s perfectly safe to eat, it’s just not perfect,” says Leola Daul, HeartnSoul.

“HeartNSoul” and “Ugly Food of the North” want you to remember that next time you think about throwing away your “unattractive” food.

“In the United States we waste about 40% of our food resources and there are about 50 million Americans who are food insecure, meaning that at some point of the year they don’t know where their next meal is coming from,” says Megan Myrdal.

Donations from local gardeners and farmer’s markets that may otherwise be thrown out–are used to cook up a feast.

“We got a job to do! We have to feed the good people of Fargo” says volunteer chef, Chris Olson.

The food is for everybody to enjoy, you pay what you can.

“Everybody’s welcome no matter what your ability to pay is,” Daul says.

To Leola, it’s not only just about serving the hungry.

“Bringing the community together over a healthy, local meal, and just having conversation and getting to know one another,” says Daul.

The art of food is what brings these volunteers together.

Chef Chris says you can make something out of anything.

“Food doesn’t need to be challenging. Food doesn’t need to be planned. Whatever you got in your garden, boil it up, make a soup and we’re good to go,”Olson says.

A special recipe to keep these hungry customers coming back for more.

Over 100 meals are served for less than $100.

HeartnSoul plans to have more pop up cafes in the near future.

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