South Dakota Plane Crash Claims Two Lives

The second plane crash this week in South Dakota happened this morning in Turner County.

This time with a deadly outcome.

Two people are confirmed dead by the turner county sheriff’s office after a plane crashed into a corn field 12 miles west of Viborg.

“Other people told me it looked like it just is it just nose–dived in to the fields,” says land owner Ordell Oswald.

This morning… a plane crashed into Ordell Oswald’s cornfield in rural Viborg just off Highway 18.

The Turner County sheriff’s office says a neighbor alerted authorities about the wreck after hearing a “thud” and other noises outside.

Investigators say the plane burst into flames on impact.

And the two people on board– were pronounced dead at the scene.

“We’re still looking into it. We’re really early into this investigation so we don’t know exactly where it came from for sure,” says Turner County Sheriff Byron Nogelmeier.

Officials are working to figure out the details like what type of plane was involved, why it crashed and the identities of the two victims.

Now the plane crash happened in this corn field right behind me, authorities are clearing up a path for the recovery and investigation.

But not without the help of Oswald, who owns the land.

“They asked me to take my payloader and i went through the field and knocked down the corn to the site,” says Oswald.

But even as he approached the scene– he didn’t learn much about the crash.

“I was within about 50 feet of the site within the cornfield, and I did not see anything,” says Oswald.

Leaving many questions that officials say they’ll work to answer as the investigation continues.

The FAA and the Turner County Sheriff’s office are investigating the crash.

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