This Season’s Flu Vaccine More Effective?

The flu vaccine may not be for everyone, but many workplaces and schools are now requiring people to get one.

This year, researchers say there are a few new features to help people feel more comfortable with getting the vaccine.

Doctors say those that have egg allergies can now request a new version of the vaccine that is made without the use of any egg products.

This year’s vaccine is expected to be strong enough to fight against at least four strains of the flu, rather than just three as it has in previous years.

Doctors say when it comes to getting the flu shot, timing is everything.

“It’s really important for people to take the flu vaccine as early in the season as they can,” said Dr. Susan Rehm with the Cleveland Clinic.  “It takes at least two weeks for antibodies to show up after the vaccine’s been given. So the sooner you take the vaccine, the sooner you’ll be protected.”

Dr. Rehm says the vaccine not only protects you but it also helps protect others around you who may be at risk for health complications.

The nasal spray vaccine will not be available this year because the CDC says research shows it is not effective in fighting the flu.