Minnesota Non-Profit Helps People Turn Disabilities into Abilities

A Minnesota non-profit opens up a new challenging camp course for children and adults with disabilities…helping them get outside and get active.

True Friends Camp Courage is wheelchair accessible and has a giant swing, zip line and ropes circuit all nestled in Maple Lake, Minnesota.

True Friends has been providing these types of camps under a different branding with their parent company, Friendship Ventures, since 1955 but this course is brand new.

Workers say True Friends focuses on helping people connect during these camps because solid friendships are built on adventures and experiences where people can depend on one another.

“It gets me completely out of my comfort zone and I feel completely free and not so confined sometimes like I do on a daily basis,” said one participant.

This version of Camp Courage took five months to build.

True Friends puts on five separate camps on different campuses statewide and serves more than three thousand people.

If you would like more information, please click here to go to the True Friends website.