Kidney Stones? Surprise! You’re About to Have a Baby!

You may hear this next story and say…’no way could this ever happen’.

But a Georgia woman says her baby is living proof of it.

Stephanie Jaegers says she went into the hospital for what she thought was kidney stones…but ended up going into labor…with a baby she didn’t know she was having.

Jaegers says doctors the year before told her she was in the early stages of menopause and never had any symptoms of pregnancy.

Doctors say the baby was breach with his feet up by his head and couldn’t move around easily, which is why Jaegers says she couldn’t feel him.

A few hours later, Shaun was born healthy at seven pounds, three ounces and 19 and a half inches long.

“I believe everything happens for a reason. He wasn’t in the cards, he was not in plans but he’s meant to be here for a reason,” said un-expectant mom Stephanie. “Maybe one day I will understand. He is a sweetheart and I’m glad he’s here. I wouldn’t change it at all.”

Stephanie and her husband have three other children.

She says she no longer judges those who say they didn’t know they were pregnant.

If you would like to read more, take a look at Fox5 Atlanta‘s story.