It’s Officially Time for No Shave November!

It’s time to start growing out your hair!

MSUM’s Colleges Against Cancer is hosting its annual contest for No Shave November.

Students will have the opportunity to take a before and after picture of their hair, which will then be posted on Facebook to be voted on.

The top three photos will then be printed out and MSUM students will have to pay $1 to vote on the winner.

All proceeds will go to the American Cancer Society.

“My favorite part is just doing like the fundraising and just knowing that it’s going to such a good cause,” said Chelsy Ness, who is President of Colleges Against Cancer. “Like I’ve been a part of it like in my hometown in Minnesota, I was on relay for life and I still am actually.”

The next day to get your picture taken will be on Thursday, November 3rd.

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