Holiday Lights Exchange

Holiday Lights Exchange At Carlson Library

efargo is helping everyone cut electricity costs during its holiday light exchange.

efargo was formed to enter Fargo into the Georgetown University Energy Prize, a two-year competition to reduce energy costs.

People could bring their old electric incandescent light string in to the Downtown or Carlson libraries and get a new string of zero-energy, solar holiday lights.

Holiday strings and LED bulbs were limited to one per household.

Old holiday lights can waste energy in households.

“I think the excitement people get from learning about energy efficiency and then being able to take something home from it is like winning a prize, it’s pretty special,” said NDSU Architecture Research Assistant, Alex Jansen.

On average the cost of operating incandescent light strings is $122 in comparison to LED light strings which cost only $18 to operate over 10 seasons.

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