Drones Used to Test Natural Disaster Response

Xcel Energy Pairs Up With Pilot Program and Emergency Responders in Mayville to Test Drone Natural Disaster Response

MAYVILLE, N.D. — With drones becoming more accessible, they are being used for many different reasons, including to help in a natural disaster.

To test how drones would be used in a tornado, Xcel Energy teamed up with a pilot program, and emergency responders in Mayville.

The drones left from the Hillsboro Municipal Airport, took images and picked up thermal heat over the town of Mayville.

Drones would help speed up the post storm search process.

“You get that bird’s eye view so you can sweep a scene really fast and hopefully get people out as soon as they can,” Said Brandi Jewett, Marketing Director of SkySkopes.

“When we do these exercises we try to put in place surprises or things that may come up that we would have to deal with so this gives us a chance to practice where there is nothing at stake and we can learn from what we’re doing,” said Steve Hunt, Traill County Sheriff.

Mayville officials said they’re excited to see how new technology improves response time.

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