MSUM Students Learn How to Plan a Super Bowl

A 10–day festival for the Super Bowl beginning January 26 and will run up to the game on February 4

MOORHEAD, Minn. — A lot of prep goes into putting on the Super Bowl.

MSUM students learned how they can eventually plan something as big as Super Bowl 52 from one of Minnesota’s planning members.

As the most watched T.V. broadcast every year, the Super Bowl gives viewers a peek inside a major U.S. city.

“When they pan back to the game and they show those beautiful skyline shots, it’s a great opportunity for us to capture a worldwide audience,” said Andrea Mokros, vice president for Super Bowl 52’s Host Committee.

It’s a chance for cities to show what they’ve got, and now it’s also a chance for MSUM students to see what they could be working on someday.

“For years, I’ve talked about what a great place this is to live and people are like ‘ok, enough,'” Mokros said.

She told students at MSUM’s Sports Communications Conference what it’s like planning an event for two years that brings more than a million visitors.

MSUM senior Samantha Rushford is just one of the many students who brought Mokros to the university.

“When I came here, I wanted to be an accountant,” Rushford said.

It was getting involved as a freshman that got her interested in sports communications.

She says she’d love to plan the Super Bowl but can’t imagine dealing with the mishaps.

“To plan something that big and to have it go perfectly, I cannot imagine that but I’d love to see what it’s like and to ask her if she ever just wants to lay down and scream,” Rushford said.

Mokros says start networking in order to be successful.

“It’s been years since I’ve had to send out a resume partly because it really is about your network and having a reputation for doing a great job,” Mokros said.

Rushford says she’s learning something else.

“You go from planning a game to throwing a t–shirt in the stands,” Rushford said. “I would even love to do that 40 years from now. Walk on the field and shoot a t–shirt cannon at someone, just to keep it fun.”

To have fun no matter what you’re doing.

A 10–day festival for the Super Bowl beginning January 26 and will run up to the game on February 4.

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