Fargo Veteran’s Affairs Offers Helping Hand to Homeless Veterans

they offered all kinds of resources to help people get off the streets

FARGO, ND — Fargo’s Veterans Affairs Medical Center is trying to lower the number of homeless veterans throughout the F-M area.

They provided resources to many of them at their Homeless Veterans Stand Down event.

Veterans don’t always have it easy when they come back from overseas.

“They face a lot of complex reentry issues and often times, they keep that pretty hidden,” said Diana Hall, programs manager for Housing and Appointment Programs at the Fargo VA Medical Center.

Sometimes it can even leave them homeless, which is why Fargo’s Veterans Affairs Medical Center decided to lend a helping hand.

The VA offered all kinds of resources to homeless veterans including housing, employment opportunities and flu shots.

Any veteran making below $27,000 a year could get help with housing from case manager Chris Deery.

He says most people need help with the first month’s deposit and the rent thereafter.

“A quick fix or to get them started and then they can hopefully in the future, pay for rent and those things by themselves,” Deery said.

Other resources provided include haircuts and job referrals.

Although he’s not homeless, veteran Luis Haroldson used the resources to look for his next job.

“It’s a very good opportunity to come here and get these resources, especially if you’re not the type of person to come and go ask each individual group,” Haroldson said. “So it’s nice to everybody here in one place.”

Now veterans are showing their appreciation for those resources by paying it forward.

One of Deery’s previous clients gave him a $700 check to help other veterans.

“It’s just little things like that that puts a smile on my face,” Deery said.

Others say giving back to homeless veterans is a way to pay back those that have served the United States.

“That’s a debt that I think we owe to our veterans,” Hall said. “It’s a very important thing that nobody goes homeless because they served their country. If anything, we should be taking extra care of them.”

The VA has helped find housing for more than 1,200 veterans since 2008.

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