Experiments with KVRR Meteorologist Scott Sincoff: Defrosting Windshields

Fun and Easy Science Experiments

A frosty windshield is quite a nuisance in the winter months. Either you idle your car for minutes on end, or you have to waste your time with an ice scraper. But just a simple solution in a spray bottle can end all that. All you have to do is spray, and it clears up the windshield almost instantaneously.

Now how do you make the solution? You need one–third part water to two–thirds part rubbing alcohol or isopropyl. Combine the two liquids together and put them into a spray bottle. Make sure to give it a good shake.

So why can we use this mixture when we’re defrosting our windshields? The mixture is nearly impossible to freeze because the freezing point of rubbing alcohol is 128 degrees below zero.

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