Car Rolls Into Red River in North Moorhead

No One Was in the Vehicle

A frightening experience for some people in north Moorhead as a car plunges in the Red River

Shortly before 6 pm Moorhead Police and Fire were called to the river near the north dam.

A car left in drive accidentally rolled down a hill and into the river narrowly missing a fisherman.

No one was in the car when it went into the river and the current carried the vehicle a few miles downstream before it sank.

“The Red River is up now. It’s up probably two or three feet than what it normally is this time of year and the current is considerably faster. It’s probably 4-5 miles per hour. If the car was occupied it would be quite a challenge for us to catch up to the car and get the people out. We would do our best,” says acting Moorhead Fire Captain Bert Mcdonough.

Fargo Fire will locate the car using sonar so that it can be pulled out of the river.

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