ValleyCon Ready for Halloween

The kids were able to show off their favorite characters

FARGO, N.D.- Spiderman, Elsa, Mario, and Superwoman made a special appearance in Fargo as part of ValleyCon’s annual kids’ costume contest.

The kids strutted their stuff on the runway, while also answering questions.

“We’ve been doing this for about four years, and we’ve been coming here to hang out, we volunteer at some points,” said Aurora and Abby, who were participating in the contest.

They continue to be just as excited to attend ValleyCon as they were the first time around.

“I like it just because we get to meet so many people, and there are so many different things to do and all the vendors are fun…..We get to go swimming,” they added.

A panel of judges was on the other side of the room as they decided on the top three winners.

The judges were looking for the kids with the most original costume and the best enthusiasm.

All kids received a gift for participating but the top three best costumes got a main prize.

“They are among adults also dressed in costumes and they get to interact with, they get to interact with each other, and make long friendships as well too, ” says Elora Kay,  one of the judges of the contest.

It’s a unique event that brings the community of Fargo who enjoy the same hobbies together in one place.

“Our Fargo community, Our North Dakota community like coming together and celebrating cosplay, weirdness, I mean you can look around and see people cosplaying everything , dressing up as anything they want, it’s kinda like a pre–halloween here at ValleyCon,” she says.

This contest is just part of the many events going on in ValleyCon right know.

Guests are also able to, do gaming, attend panels and look through the vendors.

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