The Salvation Army Provides Christmas Meals To Families In The F-M Community

A veteran who received the Christmas Food Box shares his struggles.

FARGO, N.D.- “I wouldn’t be standing here if people didn’t take the time to help me, be there and that was 90 percent of it. And they said, one day, you’ll pass this on. You may not get anyone sober, but you may help somebody else,” says P.J, who is receiving a Christmas food box.

P.J is a Veteran who struggled with alcohol addiction and homelessness.

“They were days, I didn’t know. What now, what now. And it was just keeping the head where the feet is at saying, don’t bite more than you can chew. Don’t over generalize, don’t put labels. It’s like something my first sponsor told me. You know you’re not going to think your way into a new way of living, you will live your way into a new way of thinking,” he says.

He’s been sober for 19 years, with a roof over his head and a stable job.

Still, he struggles to make ends meet.

He learned about the food box distribution and decided to sign up receive items that he might not have been able to afford otherwise.

“I’ll take what I can utilize. What I don’t need, I’ll pass on to neighbors with children, a couple of infirm people,” he adds.

The Salvation Army is providing over 400 Christmas food boxes to families in need.

They say families should be able to enjoy a traditional meal no matter their financial situation.

“We’re just trying to make people feel normalcy, hope during the season. And so we went for traditional ham dinner,” says Capt. Jeanette Jensen from the Salvation Army.

The organization partnered with Walmart and Hornbacher’s to distribute and deliver the boxes to those who signed up.

“It’s about Fargo-Moorhead. It’s about how we can do the most good to help those who are less fortunate and that’s the bottom line. You know, we’re not looking for any good for you, pat on the back. We’re just looking for a viable way to support people who don’t have support,” she says.

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