Safety Tips for New Year’s Eve Fireworks

The West Fargo Fire Department encourages those shooting off fireworks to keep safety in mind.

WEST FARGO, N.D. – West Fargo is the only city in the Fargo-Moorhead area that allows fireworks to be legally set off on New Years Eve.
Fire officials say the danger comes with how resident’s dispose of fireworks.
They recommend using a metal garbage container with a little bit of water to make sure fireworks can not reignite or start a fire.
They also strongly encourage people to not drink and light off fireworks.

“New Years in West Fargo is a special day, especially because we allow fireworks on New Years. One thing I always preach to people is don’t mix alcohol and fireworks. Common sense does not come into play when you’re drinking and trying to light fireworks off.” said Fire Marshall Dell Sprecher “A lot of these are very dangerous and they are an explosive, so if you get to close to them you can get burned and injured real bad.”

Fireworks are illegal to set off within city limits in Fargo, and some are illegal in Minnesota.

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