LIVE: Giving Hearts Day

If a 5th grader can make a difference, so can you.

It’s the day each year that, more than any other, may be what contributes to the Red River Valley’s nationwide reputation as a place of generosity, giving, and kindness.

It’s Giving Hearts Day, the day before Valentine’s Day when we put a financial value to the hard work done by the countless volunteers who keep the region’s many nonprofits going.

It’s the animal rescue workers who’ve got a minimum of five foster pups under their roof at any given time.

It’s the coaches who schlep to wheelchair baseball practice every weekend and send adaptive athletes on to the Paralympics.

It’s the educators who donate time, supplies and endless support to girls in STEM programs, who can go on to be the scientists of tomorrow.

Sawyer Anderson is one of those volunteers.

The fifth-grader is the author and illustrator of the book “Water Works,” which she based on real-life stories of people living in countries where drinking water is hard to come by.

Each book’s sale sends funds to give someone clean water for life, and it’s taken Sawyer on a journey that’s involved more than 90 public speaking engagements on her project in just the past year.

She sat down for a live interview with the Morning Show’s Emily Welker to talk about her first Giving Hearts Day experience, how the idea for her book came about, and how donations from viewers like you can help save a life, and help keep nonprofits in the region going strong.

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