North Dakota Department Of Health Doctor Answers Questions About COVID-19

She Says It's Important To Flatten The Curve As The Case Numbers Will Continue To Go Up As Testing Results Return To The State.

FARGO, N.D. — Dr. Joan Connell is the Field Medical Officer for the North Dakota Department of Health.

For one hour she answered all questions people had on our Facebook page.

Questions ranged from how the virus is able to spread so quickly to what people should take if they are feeling any symptoms.

Dr.Connell recommends people continue the CDC guidelines of social distancing, making sure your hands are washed and avoiding unnecessary travel.

She says it’s important to flatten the curve as the case numbers will continue to go up as testing results return to the state.

She says the federal government is working around the clock to create a vaccine.

“Because that is 12 to 18 months if things work out perfectly is the minimum time the vaccine would need to go through with all the steps required for the FTA to approve it,”  Dr.Connell said.

Connell says with the virus disrupting everyone’s lives and causing a lot of anxiety to try and stick to a consistent schedule for your body.

That includes making sure to get eight hours of sleep, eating healthy food and still finding time to get exercise an hour a day.

Click here to watch the livestream.

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