Grand Forks sheriff’s corporal returns to work after recovering from shooting

Cpl. Ron Nord suffered gunshot wounds to the thigh and stomach while serving eviction papers on May 27th

GRAND FORKS, N.D. — May 27th is a day Grand Forks Sheriff’s corporal Ron Nord will never forget.

“I can honestly say that was probably the worst day of my life,” said Nord.

While serving eviction papers to a man in his apartment, Nord suffered a gunshot wound to his leg and stomach.

The 33-year law enforcement veteran would spend the next 53 days recovering from his injuries and feeling grateful to be alive.

“I know I got a blessing that day,” said Nord. “Somebody was obviously with me and taking care of me in that.”

With the clearance from his doctors, Nord returned back to work with a clean bill of health and a smile on his face.

“It is wonderful to be back to work because I missed all the people. All the departments at the courthouse, the correctional center, even in the community,” said Nord.

Unfortunately, his law enforcement family lost one of it’s own during the same incident where Nord was injured. 29-year-old officer Cody Holte was killed after coming in for backup once shots were fired.

News of Holte’s death hit Nord hard.

As a way to pay tribute, Nord made it a point to walk out of the hospital on his own strength just 24 hours after being shot.

“Cody didn’t have a time to walk out of anything, so I walked for him that day,” said Nord.

Thinking back to that tragic day has been difficult, but getting back to his normal duties and seeing familiar faces helps Nord cope.

“I try not to think about it. I know it’s there. I close my eyes, I get every frame and picture of the incident,” said Nord. “But all the people that I missed, all the well wishes and prayers throughout the community, that is what I concentrate on.”

Nord said the incident hasn’t change how he will continue to do his job or how he chooses to live life.

“I have always appreciated life. I have always tried to help people. What you put in to this world is what you are going to get back, so I think I was able to get something back that day,” said Nord.

Nord said there was never any doubt that he would return to work. Rather than let a senseless act end his career, he will choose to retire on his own terms.

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