Navy Veteran begins journey from Moorhead to St. Paul by wheelchair

MOORHEAD, Minn. — Twenty years ago, Kevin “NeSe” Shores began his 270 mile journey from Moorhead City Hall to the capitol building in St. Paul in his wheelchair.

That first journey was to bring attention to the Gulf War Illness, which causes fatigue, muscle pain, cognitive problems, and insomnia in approximately 250,000 veterans who returned home from the 1991 Gulf War.

It’s an affliction that the VA and researchers still know very little about.

“I wanted to do this ride again, because over the last 20 years, I do not feel, think, or believe that the VA has gotten any better,” said NeSe.

NeSe claims experimental pills given to him during his service in the Navy at the height of the Kuwait oil fires is the culprit for the illness.

Researchers have acknowledged anti-nerve gas pills, exposure to sarin gas and exposure to oil well fires may be some of the causes of Gulf War Illness.

He says he wants reparations paid to veterans suffering from the affliction.

“Accountability. Accountability,” said NeSe.

NeSe wants that accountability to come in the form of an oversight committee made up of veterans and for the government to stop experimenting on those who swore an oath to protect the country.

This years journey isn’t without it’s challenges.

“I wasn’t blind the first time,” said NeSe, “That’s the biggest challenge that we’re dealing with.”

“There is plenty of places that we haven’t been able to go in or he hasn’t been able to go in because it isn’t wheelchair accessible,” said Spheria Shores, NeSe’s daughter.

To help with that, NeSe’s two daughters and some close friends are walking and driving with him.

“There is nothing that makes me more humble then those that are following through with their commitments to assist me, and I am gracious for that assistance,” said NeSe.

NeSe says even though he is 100% disabled, he plans on making as much noise as possible to help not only himself, but every veteran suffering like him.

“I am of the bear clan, and the joke is don’t poke the bear,” said NeSe.

Click here to donate to Shores’ GoFundMe.

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