Future of Delta 8 products unclear in ND as legislators amend hemp regulations

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) – A recent surge in demand surrounding a certain cannabis product has pushed North Dakota lawmakers to amend the state’s hemp regulation bill.

Delta 8 seems to be the newest craze in the world of hemp-derived products.

“Delta 8 is THC but it’s extracted from hemp,” explained Your CBD Store owner Matt Yde. “So most people, when they think of THC, they think of marijuana because of Delta 9. [Delta 8] just slightly chemically different, so it’s a lot less potent.”

Yde says Delta 8 can help people with pain and sleep issues.

“What’s unique about Delta 8, if it’s mixed properly and made properly, you can take it and get more of like a body high than without a strong psychoactive effect,” he added.

At Your CBD Store in Fargo, Delta 8 products range from gummies to tincture and sprays.

The legal problem, Yde acknowledges, is that some companies are selling products piled with mostly synthetic Delta 8 THC to sell a “legal high.”

Possible exploitation of Delta 8 has pushed the North Dakota Attorney General’s Office to propose changes in how the state regulates hemp.

One of the sections of the emergency bill would completely ban Delta 8.

“When legislators don’t know anything about it, it’s easy just to make it all illegal,” Yde says. “They should really learn about it, so they can regulate how it’s made and how it’s in products.”

He urges legislators to find a way to regulate the product without banning consumers from its healing benefits. “Regulation makes more sense than just saying it’s illegal because then they can find a way to say, ‘Well hey, we can have this product, but we need to limit when and how it’s used in products.”

If Gov. Doug Burgum signs the bill into law, the ban on Delta 8 would take effect immediately.

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