High school artwork on display in downtown West Fargo

Students are being honored of their hard work in the classroom

WEST FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) – “We are always proud of our students as teachers,” said Rachel Murphy, an art teacher at Sheyenne High School.

Student artwork is decorating Downtown West Fargo, making things a little bit brighter.

“Some of our high school students really love to have some work kind of out there for an extended period of time,” said Murphy.

Various Artwork pieces from students at West Fargo High School and Sheyenne High School are on display in different businesses in the Sheyenne Plaza.

“Sometimes I don’t know if the students are as proud of themselves but i think this gives them the opportunity,” Murphy said.

Teachers at the school believe that this move gives the students a sense of accomplishment, pride in themselves, and to celebrate their work in the community.

“I was really excited. It’s a really cool opportunity. Making it is one thing, but knowing that people are going to be interacting with it is a really cool thing,” Gracie Erickstad said. 

“A space to be themselves, a space to push themselves to think in ways they don’t usually do in their other classes,” stated Murphy.

Choice Bank, Ferguson Books, and Thunder Coffee each have a piece of art in their businesses.

“And get our students some exposure in the community we have students who are really serious about making artwork so we work really hard to get them out there and give them those experiences so building those bridges between our greater community and our schools,” said the art teacher.

“Events like this are just a really excellent way to promote local art and art programs in our schools,” said the student artist.

Students feel that this exhibit brings a lot of public awareness to what they are creating in the classroom.

“We are just excited that our students were given this opportunity,” said Murphy.

“If you create something and your passionate about it don’t be afraid to show everyone else what you done because I guarantee you’re going to get some positive reactions,” said Erickstad. 

The artwork will also be part of the City of West Fargo’s Color Fest on May 8th.