People from Fargo-Moorhead and beyond celebrate Pride in the Park

F-M Pride Pride celebration draws people from throughout North Dakota, Minnesota, South Dakota, and is one of the nation's largest rural pride celebrations.


Pride in the Park was a jam packed event for people to come celebrate the LGBTQ+ community and to have a great time.

“Rainbows everywhere it’s all about celebrating our community, coming together,” said Rachel Geinert.

“To see the tremendous growth, the tremendous diversity this has grown into and then the outpouring of the community and attending on a day like this is just incredible,” Barry Nelson said.

The event at island park showcases over 100 booths and vendors, live music, and local community groups.

People said they were glad to come together in the name of equality.

“Makes me feel good about my larger community, and it makes me happy to see so many friends and friendly faces come together on such an important day and for an important cause,” said Barry Nelson.

“To be here in this crowd of people all of us coming together and there’s laughter and smiles and there’s rainbows and there’s just this energy of happiness and community and love is overwhelming positive its a really great feeling,” Geinert mentioned.

Pride in the Park helped educate and let people in the community be able to express themselves with no judgement.

“To celebrate themselves and to experiment and to try things and learn about what its like to be free,” Rachel Geinert added.

“We really encourage people to not just show up when its a time to celebrate but to show up when we need to make sure our policy makers hear the voices of the people in the state,” Nelson added.

FM Pride will continue their celebration tomorrow for the Pride parade. To learn more about events you can visit FMPride.comĀ