Canadian Pacific work stoppage could hit U.S. agriculture

DETROIT – Canadian Teamsters and CP Rail blamed each other for a work stoppage that stopped trains across Canada and interrupted shipments to and from the U.S.

More than 3,000 CP Rail conductors, engineers, train and yard workers represented by the Teamsters Canada Rail Conference are off the job after negotiators failed to reach a deal by a midnight deadline. Both sides say they are talking with federal mediators.

Canadian Pacific covers much of the U.S. Midwest and is a large shipper of potash and fertilizer for agriculture.

Gov. Doug Burgum sent a letter to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, asking that all action necessary be taken to help prevent a work stoppage and protect the supply chain for North Dakota farmers and businesses.

CP annually transports more than 11 million tons of products from North Dakota to Canada and over 2 million tons in the other direction, including agricultural commodities and fuels.

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