Sandy’s Donuts Temporarily Shuts Down All Locations

Sandy's has been serving the metro for over 30 years with what some people say are some of the best donuts around.

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) – We have some bad news for fans of Sandy’s Donuts.

They have closed all three locations, but it’s just temporary.

One of those disappointed customers was Owen Lindbo who was taking a nice stroll downtown with his mom and decided to stop for donuts.

“Apparently all the Sandy’s locations are closed and it’s really sad,” Lindbo said.

“We’re redoing some stuff in our kitchen so putting in some new flooring in and a few other projects that we have to basically had to close for,” Sandy’s Donuts Co-Owner Jeff Ostlund said.

Ostlund says this is one of their slowest weeks of the year because a lot of people are out of town at the lakes for the fourth of July, so this was a perfect time.

He says they will miss out on thousands of customers while they’re closed and the renovations will cost between $50,000 and $75,000.

“Die hard fans, I’m sorry but there’s no donuts, no Sandy’s Donuts until July 7. Even the gas stations that we bring them too are going to be out, so guess you’re going to have to wait until the seventh,” Ostlund said.

“July seventh? Geez that doesn’t make me feel to good,” Lindbo said.

What makes people so crazy about these donuts?

“It’s the quality of our product and our customer service, we really pride ourselves on getting the best ingredients for everything, and we always try to be kind to our customers and treat everyone with respect, and just be fun,” Ostlund said.

They have over 75 different kinds to choose from.

“Glazed donuts probably the most popular, but Bavarian cream, sour cream,” Ostlund said.

“They have cookies and cream, cookie monster which is just a bunch of frosting and a cookie in the middle,” Lindbo said.

Sandy’s has more than 100 employees who will be doing side jobs while the shops are closed. Some are detailing cars, others are cleaning,and several are getting paid to work at the New Life Center and Habitat For Humanity.

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