FAA Warns Pilots of Unauthorized Drone At Hector International Airport

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FARGO (KFGO) – An investigation is underway after a pilot reported a small drone at Hector International Airport late Tuesday morning.

“A pilot that was taxiing on our east parallel taxiway Bravo reported to air traffic that a white and black drone passed his aircraft at about 35-40 feet in the air paralleling the aircraft as he was taxiing on Bravo taxiway, the pilot reported the drone kind of moved in a northwest direction, kind of toward the air traffic control tower, that’s kind of the last that we know about it,” Airport Authority Executive Director Shawn Dobberstein said.

Drones are a significant safety concern at airports and are not permitted without pre-flight approval from the FAA.

“The FAA notified their partners, notified Homeland Security, I’m sure the Fargo Flight Standards District Office will be involved to some extent, talking to the pilot or trying to hopefully make some determination on the origin of where it was launched from, but we may never find that,” Dobberstein added.

The last drone report Dobberstein can recall locally was a couple of years ago during the Fargo AirSho when a drone was reported south of the airport.

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