Heavy snow leads to traffic headaches

MINNESOTA & NORTH DAKOTA (KVRR) – Sleet Tuesday afternoon turned to heavy snow making for a hectic travel day.

“What that’s creating is ice, snow and slush compacted roads. The roads are very dangerous right now. They’re slick,” North Dakota Highway Patrol Capt. Bryan Niewind said.

Low visibility added to the dangerous conditions.

“DOT is out plowing the roads, but as soon as they do, a half hour later and the road’s full of snow again. It’s slushing up again and then it’s freezing a short time later, so we’ve got compacted snow, compacted ice and slush conditions. It doesn’t matter what road you’re on, interstate or the secondary roads or in town. The conditions are all the same,” Niewind said.

Minnesota State Patrol Sergeant Jesse Grabow has seen jackknifed semis, crashes, spinouts and vehicles in the ditch needing a tow.

Troopers remind everyone to move over and slow down for first responders, maintenance vehicles and tow trucks.

Officials don’t advise you to travel, but if you have to, make sure your going at safe speeds, have a good distance between the vehicle in front of you and don’t use cruise control. Make sure your lights and windshield wipers are working well. Wear your seat belt and drive distraction free so you have good reaction time if you have to stop unexpectedly.

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