Fargo City Commission passes vote to change city’s code defining adult entertainment businesses

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — The Fargo City Commission votes 4 to 1 to change the city’s code regulating and defining adult entertainment businesses.

It would force some business to move locations to keep away from churches and schools. Adult use provisions were adopted in 1998 and have not been updated since.

Supporters of the ordnance say the change will help clear up confusion about what counts as an adult business.

Critics say the city is trying to make the ordinance part of a one size fits all definition of adult establishments.

Kim Johnson Patterson, the owner of Enchantasys, says her business is being lumped in with other adult entertainment businesses.

Enchantasys does not sell pornography like most adult stores.

At the City Commission meeting, Patterson says doctors often refer patients to Enchantasys to educate them about sexual health.

“Every member of our staff is required to become a sexual health resource through the Center of Sexual Health and Pleasure. We are not considered ‘adult’ in any of our locations. This new ordinance that you’re looking at passing, the zoning, would classify us as an adult bookstore,” Patterson said.

“This text amendment does not increase the restrictions or make it more restrictive just as before, under the text amendment, adult uses would be allowed in the GC, LI and GI zoning districts. Subject to the 1,250 foot buffer from churches and schools and so on,” says Attorney Scott Bergthold.

Commissioner John Strand was the only no vote.

The change of ordinance was discussed after Romantix wanted to move to Broadway.

A federal lawsuit was filed after the city argued its new location doesn’t meeting zoning requirements and denied Romantix a permit.

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