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Foam Pillars in the Area

Cows Help Form this Winter Wonder

It’s Rob Kupec’s favorite weather phenomena.  Learn how cows play a part in forming these ice pillars on local streams. Categories: Weather Blog, Weather Notes Tags: COWS, Foam Pillars

Snow Total From Dec 20th, 2017

Northwood ND 9.0 in 0720 AM 12/21 47.74N/97.57W Hatton ND 5 S 9.0 in 0730 AM 12/21 47.56N/97.46W Nevis MN 12 NNW 8.5 in 0800 AM 12/21 47.13N/94.94W Reynolds ND 1 E 8.0 in 0750 AM 12/21 47.67N/97.09W Hillsboro ND 8.0 in 0800 AM 12/21 47.40N/97.06W Menahga MN 1 W 6.0 in 0700 AM 12/21 46.75N/95.14W Mayville ND 5.5 in…

Wonders of Weather

NDSU students and their Professor, Adnan Akyuz stopped by to check out the KVRR Weather Center and watch our 6pm newscast. Categories: Weather Notes

Alexandria, MN Town of the Week 11-7-17

Alexandria has a lot of famous people with a connection to the city and we tried to highlight that. And the name of the movie I could not remember in the segment is “Winter Bone”  Go Cardinals! Categories: Town Of The Week Tags: Alexandria, TOWN OF THE WEEK

Grand Forks Air Force Base Forecasters Help Keep Military Missions Flying

Also Keeps People Who Live And Work On The Base Informed Of The Latest Weather

GRAND FORKS, ND — Every day there is a lot riding on a weather forecast. For the weather team at the Grand Forks Air Force Base that includes the landing and takeoff of some the Air Forces most sophisticated aircraft. Even on a grey November day with some light snow falling, the view from the control tower at the Grand…

Flight Forecasting with Unmanned Aircraft at the Grand Forks Air Force Base

The team also conducts weather observations to go along with data gathered by automated observations to insure flight safety

GRAND FORKS, ND — While manned missions are no longer flown out of the Grand Forks Air Force base, unmanned aircraft still require flight forecasting. A team of air force personnel make sure that pilots of remote controlled aircraft are aware of weather conditions that could impact take offs and landings at the base as well as day-to-day operations. The…