Author: Rob Kupec

Viking, MN – Town of the Week 10-17-17

The town of 103 had a big showing with over 800 votes to win Town of the Week.  (One correction: The Northern Freeze Hockey logo in the story is not connected to the high school. My apologies. – Rob Kupec Categories: Town Of The Week Tags: TOWN OF THE WEEK, Viking

Weather Lore

1st Snow Comes 6 Weeks After the Last Thunderstorm?

Chief Meteorologist Rob Kupec looks to see if there is any truth to this old wives tale. Categories: Weather Blog, Weather Notes Tags: weather

Warren, MN Town of the Week 9-12-17

Warren had been Town of the Week 4 years ago when we started, before voting came in.  Only seemed fair to give them another shot so they could be in the Town of the Year tournament. Categories: Town Of The Week Tags: Warren MN