Author: Rob Kupec

Flight Forecasting with Unmanned Aircraft at the Grand Forks Air Force Base

The team also conducts weather observations to go along with data gathered by automated observations to insure flight safety

GRAND FORKS, ND — While manned missions are no longer flown out of the Grand Forks Air Force base, unmanned aircraft still require flight forecasting. A team of air force personnel make sure that pilots of remote controlled aircraft are aware of weather conditions that could impact take offs and landings at the base as well as day-to-day operations. The…

Viking, MN – Town of the Week 10-17-17

The town of 103 had a big showing with over 800 votes to win Town of the Week.  (One correction: The Northern Freeze Hockey logo in the story is not connected to the high school. My apologies. – Rob Kupec Categories: Town Of The Week Tags: TOWN OF THE WEEK, Viking

Weather Lore

1st Snow Comes 6 Weeks After the Last Thunderstorm?

Chief Meteorologist Rob Kupec looks to see if there is any truth to this old wives tale. Categories: Weather Blog, Weather Notes Tags: weather