Recap Of Weekend Black Lives Matter And One Fargo Protests In Downtown Fargo

According to Black Lives Matter, more than 200 people attended Saturday's march

FARGO, N.D. –At Island Park in Downtown Fargo on Friday, hundreds of protesters came out for a march to city hall demanding action. At the march, Fargo Mayor Tim Mahoney announced a future meeting with Black Lives Matter and OneFargo on Wednesday. “The more dialogue we have the better it is for everyone because then we become aware of each…

Black Lives Matter Demonstrators Speak Out On Racial Inequality

Those with BLM say over 200 people attended the march

FARGO, N.D. — Alaki Ajang of Fargo says he grew up thinking everybody feared the police. But he soon realized that was not the case. “I thought it was normal really, that you would see police come around and then you feel nervous that you gotta, you know, you always have to announce, there’s twelve here, twelve here, twelve here….

OneFargo, BLM Organizers Say City Of Fargo Forced Them Into Wednesday Meeting

Organizers of the rally say the Mayor approached them demanding the meeting at City Hall.

FARGO, N.D. — Those with Black Lives Matter and One Fargo say they were blindsided when hearing about the upcoming Wednesday meeting with the City Of Fargo. Organizers of the rally say the Mayor approached them demanding the meeting at City Hall. They also say the city would not allow both Black Lives Matter and One Fargo to be a…

Counter-Protester Peacefully Escorted Away During March At Cass County Courthouse

Organizers say they were proud of the crowd for practicing non-violence and taking the higher road

FARGO, N.D. — A counter protester was at the forefront of the crowd as the marchers stood at the courthouse. A woman confronted the organizers about their march, shouting phrases like All Lives Matter toward the crowd. Law enforcement was quick to react. No one was injured and police assisted the woman away from the protest. Organizers say they were…

OneFargo And BLM Take To Streets Toward Cass County Courthouse Demanding Action

Organizers say it's not about hating law enforcement, it's about having individual accountability

FARGO, N.D. — “Everybody deserves the right to vote, everybody deserves the right to protest and just like the state of emergency everybody has the right to bear arms,” Organizer Frederick Edwards said. Protesters starting at the Johnson American Legion Field made their way to the Cass County Courthouse demanding action. Along the route through Downtown Fargo, police helped escort…

Great Plains Food Bank Continues Farmers to Families Food Box Distribution

According to Great Plains Food Bank, during the pandemic, they have seen a 44% increase in demand for food bank services.

FARGO, N.D. – The Great Plains Food Bank is continuing it’s distribution of meals through the Farmers to Families Food Box program by the USDA. The program helps bring food from farms that aren’t able to sell all of their produce to food banks across the country during the Coronavirus crisis. According to Great Plains Food Bank, during the pandemic,…

Alzheimer’s Association Celebrates The Longest Day Awareness Day

Each year, the Association sheds a light on Alzheimer's and dementia on the Summer Solstice.

FARGO, N.D. — Saturday night cities across Minnesota and North Dakota will be lighting up with purple lights as the Alzheimer’s Association celebrates The Longest Day. Each year, the Association sheds a light on Alzheimer’s and dementia on the Summer Solstice. The Longest Day is the day with the most light so as the Association says, “It’s the day we…

Fargo Juneteenth marchers describe why they’re speaking out

Protestor Avalon says he would like to see more reform from the police departments in the F-M area and across the country.

FARGO, N.D. — With large groups of impassioned protesters taking the streets of downtown Fargo, marchers like Avalon say it’s about putting an end to violence and racism. “I just feel like “Am I going to be the next one of who’s the victim of a crime? Am I going to be the next one who’s a victim of brutality?…

OneFargo, Black Lives Matter And The F-M Community March For Change

Fargo Mayor Tim Mahoney also made an appearance at the march.

FARGO, N.D- “Fargo has to start seeing us as people, North Dakota has to start seeing us as people, the United States has to start seeing us as people.” It’s a simple request, but one that according to the movement, has yet to be achieved. That’s why they marched from Island Park to City Hall once again in a peaceful…

Mandy Holte and son thank community for continued support

GRAND FORKS, N.D.–Mandy Holte and her son Gunnar are thanking Grand Forks and the surrounding communities for their continued support in the wake of Officer Cody Holte’s death. Mandy Holte said that although their grief has not subsided, they are grateful for the individuals, businesses and organizations that have taken the time to send them cards, notes, meals, stories and…