Melinda’s Garden Moment

Melinda’s Garden: Going Green

Going green isn't just for keeping your foliage in good condition.

When you’re into gardening, you’re into green. Leaves, grasses, pine needles… all come in all sorts of green shades, and it’s oh-so-important to keep them that what to keep your garden healthy. But keeping the planet green is important for gardeners too, and a great way to do that is to upcyle old, recyclable items into yard art and other…

Melinda’s Garden: Small-Space Composting

(De)compose yourself. We know you're ecstatic to hear that can you can compost in a tiny spot.

Composting is something both serious gardeners and the environmentally-conscious swear by. It lets you put your kitchen and yard waste to good use, keeps green matter out of the landfill, and improves your soil conditions and with it, the health of your plants and yield from your garden. Win-win, right? Except for some gardeners who think they can’t get on…

Melinda’s Garden: Worms

Long thin slimy ones, short fat juicy ones... don't eat them, just let them do their thing.

We’ve all heard the children’s song about going out into the garden and eating some worms. But as gross as that idea is, worms themselves are actually pretty beneficial. They’re natural soil turners and their castings can provide great fertilizer for your plants. You can even buy worm poop or “tea” commercially that’s rated very highly as plant food. Let…

Melinda’s Garden: Bringing Birds To Your Yard

A milkshake won't do it. Here's what will.

Bringing birds to the yard doesn’t require a milkshake, but you might want to consider some other sweet moves if you want the benefits of both beauty and song on your landscape. Let Melinda Myers bring her moves to teach you how to shake things up in the garden, with this week’s Melinda’s Garden. Categories: Morning – Features

Melinda’s Garden: Beating Plant Diseases

Plants get sick, just like us.

It stinks to have a summer cold. Now, imagine you get sick with a more serious disease, right in the middle of the busiest, most productive time of year — like our growing season in the Upper Midwest. Stinks even more, right? But that’s what can happen to plants in the summer months if the conditions all line up just…

Melinda’s Garden: Deadheading

It's not what you think, hippie.

When you hear the term “deadheading,” a lot of us immediately imagine following a certain popular 60s-era band around the country, enjoying some open-air folk rock music while wearing tie-dye and love beads, as clouds of fragrant smoke waft through the air above our heads. This has nothing to do with that. However, it will get you outside and make…

Melinda’s Garden: Combining Flowers And Vegetables

Mix your plantings for beauty and utility.

Bringing color into the vegetable garden isn’t a new idea, but it is a beautiful one. And not only is it good for making your yard more appealing visually, but it also can help yield a higher, healthier crop. Melinda Myers shows us how it’s done. Categories: Morning – Features

Melinda’s Garden: The Tomato Race

Get the biggest, juiciest tomatoes from your vines, faster than all the neighbors grow theirs.

Believe it or not, in spite of this week’s surprise snowfall, we are mere weeks away from the start of tomato planting season. But as sweet as spring and summer are in the Red River region, they’re also among the shortest growing seasons in the United States. The final average frost date in the Fargo region is May 20th. That…