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Covid And Coronavirus

What is it?

Coronaviruses are a large group of viruses, and different types of coronaviruses exist. They cause respiratory and sometimes gastrointestinal symptoms. Respiratory disease can range from the common cold to pneumonia, but usually have mild symptoms.

Some coronaviruses can cause severe disease, such as:




Where did it originate?

The COVID-19 originated in a group of people with pneumonia associated with a live seafood and animal market in Wuhan, China.

Coronaviruses are known to circulate within a number of animals, and sometimes transfer to humans. For example, MERS-COV is transferred from camels to humans and SARS-COV from civet cats to humans. The animal(s) responsible for transferring the 2019N-COV is not yet known.

How does it spread?

The exact dynamics of how the virus spreads are not yet known. However, generally, respiratory diseases are transmitted through droplets when someone infected coughs or sneezes, or by an object that is contaminated with the virus.

Currently, the virus has spread throughout China and many other countries.

What are the symptoms?

With what is known so far, symptoms can range from mild to severe. They can consist of fever, cough or shortness of breath, and in severe cases, pneumonia, kidney failure and death.

What treatment is available?

There are currently no specific medications and no vaccine to treat COVID-19.

If you feel ill, stay home and seek medical treatment early if you experience fever, cough and difficulty breathing.

How to prevent it?

The best method of preventing the coronavirus from spreading is to practice basic hygiene techniques which include:

  • Covering your mouth and nose when sneezing and/or coughing with a tissue or face mask
  • Avoid close contact with anyone who is sick
  • Properly use masks and personal protective equipment, especially in medical settings
  • Wash your hands regularly with soap and water
  • Avoid unnecessary unprotected contact with animals
  • Wash your hands after contact with animals
  • Cook animal products thoroughly before consuming them

Who is infected?

  • There are more than 8,617,000 confirmed cases in the United States, including over 224,000 deaths.
  • 38,241 cases have been confirmed in North Dakota with 1,473 hospitalizations and 461 deaths.
  • 135,372 cases have been confirmed in Minnesota with 9,588 hospitalizations and 2,353 deaths.





Global Infection

  • There are more than 42,966,000 COVID-19 cases worldwide, including more than 1,152,000 deaths.



Are there travel restrictions?

  • The CDC recommends that travelers avoid all nonessential travel to China, Iran, South Korea and Italy giving them a Level 3 Travel Health Notice. Restrictions on entry into the United States have been placed on China and Iran.
  • Travel between the U.S. and Europe has been suspended for 30 days beginning Friday, March 13. The restrictions do not apply to the United Kingdom.
  • Click here for travel tips in the F-M area: https://www.kvrr.com/2020/03/02/travel-tips-regarding-coronavirus/
While many of us are not on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic, we all know someone who is. Help KVRR say "Thank You" to our frontline workers by submitting pictures, videos and messages expressing your gratitude.
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