Previous Winners

Sabin, MN Town of the Week 5-23-17

A second chance for Sabin this spring, after getting what would have been a record number of votes, only to lose to Clearbrook which got over 8000 votes. This time Sabin came out on top over Middle River. [field59_video key="b56f81abbd93b9a050ddbf8382f11138c1225611"…

Lankin, ND Town of the Week 5-9-17

Lankin with just 94 people squeaked by Richwood, MN by 23 votes to win.  There were nearly 3000 votes cast for the two little towns. Go Flyers!!

Menahga - Town of the Week 4-11-17

Menahga got by Park River by about 250 votes to win Town of the Week. Located in Wadena County in our far eastern viewing area. Menahga is a tourist and resort town.

Millerville - Town of the Week 4-4-17

Millerville is our first Town of the Week from Douglas County.  Everyone was raving on social media about the butter made at the local creamery there.

Clearbrook, MN Town of the Week 3-21-17

Clearbrook set a record for votes cast with 8637 votes defeating Sabin, which also had to second highest vote total at 6641. It seems a lot of votes came in from the Clearbrook-Gonvick School to push the totals up that…

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