Previous Winners

Mountain, ND - Town of the Week 12-3-19

This northern valley town of under 100 was founded by Icelandic immigrants. The northern Red River Valley has one of the largest concentrations of people that trace their ancestry to Iceland. Congratulations Mountain.

Ada, MN - Town of the Week 11-19-19

Ada cruised to victory over Harvey, ND.   Ada was Town of the Week 6 years ago before we even had voting and has never had a chance to be up for Town of the Year.  Congratulations Ada and go Cougars!…

Frazee, MN - Town of the Week 11-12-19

Frazee defeated Bagley to win Town of the Week.  We did it a little differently this week because we had so many photos contributed from viewers that we mostly showed those to take a look at the town. [field59_video account="KVRR"…

Napoleon, ND - Town of the Week - 10-29-19

Napoleon, North Dakota is right on the far western edge of the KVRR viewing area but that did not stop them from easily defeating Mapleton to win Town of the Week, Go Imperials!!

Roosevelt, MN - Town of the Week 9-24-19

Roosevelt pulled away in the last 6 hours of voting to defeat Erhard and win Town of the Week.  This northern Minnesota town actually straddles the line between Roseau and Lake of the Woods counties. [field59_video account="KVRR" key="a023c5931e1c05fc6dbaaab4d4454c5886546b9f" vtitle="Roosevelt TOTW"…

Lakota, ND - Town of the Week 9-10-19

Lakota racked up the 5th highest vote total to date for a Town of the Week defeating McIntosh 2751 to 2016.  I had a little bit of a brain freeze near the end and could not get the word raiders…

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