Previous Winners

Rob's Ellendale Hat

Every year for Town of the Year, Chief Meteorologist Rob Kupec's mom make some article of clothing related to the winning town. This year it is a cardinal hat in honor of the Ellendale High School mascot. [field59_video account="KVRR" key="0b0b9d49704743d668674967ff565ec80602be39"…

Ellendale is Our 5th Town of the Year

Congratulations to Ellendale on winning Town of the Year. In the final round Ellendale defeated Hamilton 19,506 to 8,895.  Ellendale joins Badger, Fosston, Abercrombie and St. Thomas as Town of the Year winners. [field59_video account="KVRR" key="eee51e0c0e22e57a0e3cd38b9f4db0fd8c64ac8a" vtitle="Town of the Year"…

Forbes, ND - Town of the Week 4-23-19

Don't let its size fool you, there is a lot going on in Forbes, ND. For some more great photos of Forbes, check out the Ghost of North Dakota page. Go Hi-Liners!!

Wolverton, MN Town of the Week 4-2-19

Some late information that came in after the broadcast. Wolverton was named after a civil war surgeon, William Dilts Wolverton. He served for a time at Ft. Abercrombie and acquired land in the area from other soldiers that had received…

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