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State Issues Corrective Orders To Day Care

The state has issued corrective orders to a day care facility after two 4-year-old boys nearly drowned.

New Lights Improve Intersection Traffic

Officials say they have already seen improvements in traffic thanks to the installation of flashing yellow turn arrows at 11 intersections.

Apartment Fire Displaces Tenants

A Fargo apartment fire causes $175,000 worth of damage leaving all of the building tenants displaced.

Broadside Accident Turns Fatal

A driver is dead after one man runs a stop light.

Two Dickinson Residents Found Dead In Basement

Two Dickinson residents are found dead in the basement of a home.

Sexual Assault Near MSUM

Police are investigating a sexual assault that happened near MSUM.

Pressure Ridges Appearing In Local Lakes

 Pressure ridges are popping up on lakes around the region and North Dakota Game and Fish and Minnesota DNR are warning people to avoid them.

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