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North Dakota Guard Members Get New Pandemic Orders

BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) -- Dozens of North Dakota National Guard members are resuming support for the state’s coronavirus pandemic response. The Guard announced Friday that about 50 of its members are assisting the state Health Department with contact tracing and…

Concordia Alum Zylstra Catches First NFL Touchdown Pass

Photo from AP Charlotte, N.C. -- Former Concordia Cobbers receiver Brandon Zylstra caught his first NFL touchdown for the Carolina Panthers. It gave the Panthers a 7-0 lead over the New Orleans Saints in a win. Zylstra finished with three…

In The Community

LIVE: Scarecrows in the Garden

Scary thought indeed: your green, gorgeous, and growing garden is probably weeks, if not days, away from the first frost (and maybe freeze) of the season. But this weekend you can scare off the end-of-summer…

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