Morning – In The Community

Social Distancing: Distancing From Fireworks

The 4th Got A Little Too Exciting For These Kids

  I hope you had a lovely 4th of July over the weekend, and got to eat some good food and see some good fireworks. I bought a new grill and made hot dogs and steaks. It all felt very patriotic. And a lot of people shot off fireworks at home this year to avoid large crowds at public displays….

LIVE – Celebrating Independence Day around the metro

MOORHEAD, MN – According to Memory Fireworks, fireworks sales are skyrocketing in the metro this morning. With many official 4th of July celebrations canceled due to COVID 19, Memory Fireworks says many customers are celebrating on their own. Staff say they’ve had a hard time keeping some fan favorites like the Memory and Dakota Series fireworks on the shelves. They…

Spuds Mash Competition, Voted Best HS Nickname In Minnesota

We Talk With The Man Who Organized The Tournament That Captivated High School Sports Fans

  With an absence of high school sports, a different kind of high school competition captured Minnesota’s imagination over the last month and a half. Since May 18th, people have been voting for the best high school nickname in the state. It started with a 64 school bracket put together by John Millea with the Minnesota State High School League….

Social Distancing: Supporting The Spuds

Moorhead Spuds In Finals Of High School Nickname Challenge

There were no high school sports this spring, but a fierce high school battle ends Wednesday. 64 teams entered the Minnesota State High School League Nickname Challenge. Two are left. One of those is our very own Moorhead Spuds. The Spuds have mashed the competition to this point. But we don’t know yet if they can scallop to victory. With…

Social Distancing: Getting Cantankerous

Playing Fortnite On A Phone Reminds Me That I Am Getting Older

  I think social distancing is making me realize I’m getting older. I definitely had an “old man yells at cloud” moment yesterday. I’ve been playing video games online with my Big Brothers/Big Sisters Little since we haven’t been meeting in person. Every time I call he’s playing Fortnite. He kept asking me to download it and the only device…

LIVE: Bee Hunt with Longspur Prairie Fund

Bee excited! The sixth annual Bee Hunt is coming up and it's bigger than ever!

It’s National Pollinator Week, and it ‘s going to be a “bee-autiful” weekend in the region –perfect for going on a bee hunt. But in this hunt, you shoot with a camera. The sixth annual Bee Hunt with the Longspur Prairie Fund is happening Saturday in Ulen, Minnesota. Activists with the LPF say the bee hunt draws bigger and bigger…

Social Distancing: Egg Salad

I Try To Expand My Cooking Portfolio With A BBQ Staple

  Let’s talk food. Backyard barbecue season is here. And I’m trying to branch out with my cooking as I’m eating at home more. I had a craving I normally don’t have yesterday for egg salad. So I made some. I’d actually never made it before so I looked up a recipe. My girlfriend low-key made fun of me for…

LIVE – Staying Safe During Mosquito Season

FARGO, ND – It looks like Mosquito season is here, and it’s here with a vengeance. Cass County Vector Control Graph showing increase in mosquitoes in traps On Tuesday, traps around the Metro were averaging just over 38 mosquitoes per trap, prompting vector control to start spraying last night. When they checked those traps again last night, they saw that…

Social Distancing: Enjoying A Drink

Plus, The Floor Is Lava In The Latest Social Distancing Guilty Pleasure Show

  Tuesday, I asked you how you’re lightening things up and trying to have some fun during the pandemic while trying to be safe. I went to the zoo. It was outdoors with plenty of space for social distancing. Joel sent this pic of how his dog is enjoying the pandemic. He’s just enjoying a drink in the yard. He…

Social Distancing: Do As The Bears Do

See How Grizzlies At The Chahinkapa Zoo Enforce Social Distancing

  My girlfriend and I celebrated two years together over the weekend. Happy anniversary, sweetie! It’s hard trying to find a proper way to celebrate during COVID-19. We didn’t want to travel anywhere too far, So we settled on a little day trip to the Chahinkapa Zoo, where even the animals were in on social distancing. One of their grizzlies…