Morning – In The Community

LIVE: The Return of the Rocky Horror Picture Show

Time warp back to an in-person gathering at the Fargo Theatre.

It’s been a rocky road to get us here at times through this pandemic. But we’ve made it all the way to Halloween 2021 — and this weekend, the Rocky Horror Picture Show is back at the Fargo Theatre. They’re holding the fully interactive, in-person, full-scale traditional movie showing for the first time since the pandemic struck. As part of…

LIVE: Addressing Addiction in North Dakota

ND's first lady lets us in on the help and the hope that's out there for people suffering in the pandemic.

The numbers are in on addiction and substance abuse in the pandemic, and they are sobering in a very literal sense. Drug overdose deaths hit a record high, with almost 97,000 recorded across the U-S for the 12-month period ending in March. CDC numbers show those deaths went up nearly 30 percent from March of last year to this year….

LIVE: Monster Mash Trunk or Treat

Save yourself the door-to-door and gather for goodies in Moorhead this year.

Just days before Halloween, they’re summoning the monsters to gather in Moorhead’s city center… and you can be there too. The city’s parks and recreation department is holding its first-ever Monster Mash Trunk or Treat on October 28th. You can gather under the full moon with your little witches, hobgoblins, werewolves and vampires for candy, crafts, and games. It’s an…

LIVE: Boos & Bison At The Red River Zoo

"Boo at the Zoo" events happening while the Red River Zoo is welcoming three new bison

  The Red River Zoo is celebrating the season while welcoming their newest residents this week. The Zoo is hosting its final two “Boo at the Zoo” events the next two Saturdays, October 23rd and 30th. Kids can wear costumes and trick-or-treat throughout the zoo. Zoo animals will also get Halloween-themed enrichment items. Also this week, the zoo welcomed three…

LIVE: Non-Profit Giving Away Free Bouquets To Brighten Lives On “Petal It Forward Day”

Hope Blooms repurposes old flowers and turns them into new bouquets for places like assisted living facilities, cancer centers and grief support groups

  On Thursday, a local non-profit is inviting everyone in the community to help make it a better place with the gift of flowers. Hope Blooms repurposes old flowers and turns them into new bouquets for places like assisted living facilities, cancer centers and grief support groups. But on Wednesday they’re joining a nationwide event called “Petal of Forward” day….

Man held in fatal shooting in Casselton released

CASSELTON, N.D. (KVRR) – A man who was detained following a fatal shooting early Monday in Casselton has been released from custody. Cass County Sheriff Jesse Jahner says upon review of the evidence, including video evidence, witness statements, and conferring with the Cass County States Attorney’s Office, the person involved in the shooting was released pending further investigation. A deputy…

LIVE: Organizers Hope To Resume Veterans Honor Flight Next Spring

Honor Flight Hosting Fundraiser This Saturday In Anticipation Of Resuming Flights

  The people behind the Veterans Honor Flight of North Dakota/Minnesota hope they can start taking veterans to Washington, D.C. once again early next year. They don’t have a date set yet, but the hope is to start flights again in the spring of 2022. There hasn’t been a local honor flight since October, 2019. They’re waiting to see how…

LIVE: L’il Bitz Pumpkin Patch

L'il bits will love the broad variety of fall fun, especially the great big horses -- and all the pumpkins you could possibly wish for.

In Ghoul Morning Monday on the Morning Show, we told you about where to go to see some incredibly creative and artistic pumpkin carvings. This morning, we’re helping you get your hands on pumpkins to try it yourself. And you can find them at one of the top destinations in the Red River Valley region for fall fun. L’il Bitz…

Pet Connection: Meet The Bunnies

Bunches of bunnies for adoption!!!!! They just need one more thing (or one less thing, as the case may be) first.

It’s been an almost herculean effort on the part of animal rescuers here in our region to round up some sixty or so rabbits from a Moorhead neighborhood. Sixty or so rapidly multiplying rabbits, actually. Rescue workers say it all started in a single home, with a pair of pets that were left to breed unchecked. Now, those rescue workers…

LIVE: Oktoberfest

Beer at 10:45 in the morning? Hey, it's a cultural tradition.

It may not be quite October yet, but the city of Hankinson is getting you ready for it, starting Saturday. The city’s annual Oktoberfest is back on again for the first time since the pandemic struck. This would have been it’s 20th year celebrating German culture in our region. But last year’s annual gathering was called off thanks to Covid….