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My name is Star, and I’m a sweet, shy little kitty, who loves chin rubs and treats! I’m a little nervous at first, but I come around soon enough when you give me lots of gentle pets, and plenty of treats! I would love to find a home with another cat, because they help me to have confidence in new situations. I love to play with string toys, and jingle balls! I will chase them all over the house! I’m sure we would make the best of friends in no time! Come and meet me today, and see if I’m the boy for you!


*  Older/Considerate Children only (12+ yrs old or older), Fenced yard required, No other dogs

Bruno is such a sweet sweet guy, and he truly just wants to be with his people, all the time. You will not find a more loyal friend. Bruno gives his foster parents the saddest puppy dog eyes when they leave the house for work, its so sweet. Bruno makes a perfect companion for his foster dad when he works from home.

Bruno continues to love walks and looks very handsome in his winter sweater attire. And although he is big and strong, he walks great with his Easy Walk harness and has figured out paying attention to his walking partner earns him treats along the way.

Bruno has overcome a lot since he went to live with his foster family and it has been wonderful to see how he has blossomed. Love, kindness, and consistency can make such a difference. This big teddy bear is just looking for the right home that can love and adore him like he deserves!




Bruno is a 3 years-old Pit Bull Terrier Mix.

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