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Look at this smile. How can you not fall in love? I don’t think you should even try, let’s just meet up and live happily ever after. I know I’m just what you’re looking for, I’m handsome as all get out, I am sweet, and playful, and funny, and I love everyone I’ve ever met! What more can you really ask for? I’m a steal of a guy, and I’m not sure why I’ve been kept waiting all this time! Maybe I’m just waiting for you? I get along well with dogs and kids, and other playful, fun cats! I am on a special vet food, but it only costs about the same as a high quality cat food, so don’t worry too much about that! I’m a great guy, still looking for my life long valentine, could it be you?

Name:  Bohannon
Breed:  Chihuahua Mix
Age:  8 Years
Size: Small  18 lbs.
This cute little guy is Bohannon! He’s the sweetest little dog. He loves to go on walks and is very playful. He likes to play Frisbee outside when possible. But, if you’re looking for a lap dog to sit with you, he’s also the dog for that!

Bohannon has had no potty accidents in his foster home. He gets along with the other dogs and they have had a great time playing together. Bohannon loves to eat, so it’s best to feed him separately from other pets to keep him from going around and cleaning up everyone’s dish. (He’s a little chubby!) Need an exercise buddy? Bohannon does too.

Get your application in quick! Bohannon is looking for his forever home.

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