Zenon here – Girl of the 21st Century! Okay… not really, but just like the character I was named after, I need some rules in my life. I act big and tough right away, but the moment I realize you have treats we will be BEST friends! I will definitely benefit from professional training and a lot of consistency. My ideal home would be someone who is as active as I am, someone who wants me to excel in training, and a household that is structured and that can focus a lot of their time and energy on me. Of course, don’t forget that I am also looking for someone who loves treats as much as I do. I would also love a house with a big, beautiful, fenced in yard so I can run all day. If you’re up for a challenge, stop in and give me treats today!

Name:  Mr. Cooper
Breed:  Chihuahua
Age:   4 Months  (Approx DOB: 6/8/19)
Size: Small  5 lbs. (when full-grown)
Mr. Cooper is a complete sweetheart who is in his happy place when with his people, whether he’s on your lap or in your purse. He’s a fun little guy who loves playing with toys, especially small cat toys. He’s very young, so still working on potty training. He’s currently living with two adult dogs and one cat and isn’t afraid of any of them. Mr. Cooper would not do well in an apartment; he has issues with separation anxiety and a nice set of lungs that come with that. So a home where he’s not left alone a lot would make him happiest.
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