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Hi there! My name’s Harlee. Don’t you just love to be outside and feel the sun on your face and your paws in the grass?! I know I sure do! Running around in the grass makes me so happy I sometimes can’t event contain myself and I get the zoomies. It’s one of my most favorite things to do! I would sure love to have my very own backyard and family to run around and play with me too; nothing would make me happier. It’d be great to have another dog friend to run around and play with too!

Sometimes I can be a bit shy and timid when I first meet new people, but once I get to know you, we’ll be the best of pals. I’m a very happy and loving gal, and I’m pretty good with my manners too. Even though I LOVE to be outside in the grass, I’m also kennel trained, so I don’t mind relaxing and having some quiet time to chill. If you give me a chance, I’m sure we’ll hit it off! Set up a time to meet me today!

Female | 4 years old | Pit Bull Terrier

Dog 2
Name: Lainey
Sex: Female
Breed: Mastiff / Pit Bull Terrier / Mixed (short coat)
Age: 2 Years
Size: 93.5 lbs. (Large)
Lainey can’t wait to meet you!
Miss Lainey is looking for a home with a dog friend her size. She LOVES dogs! She is a big girl, so a friend that likes to play and can handle her size would be best. Being with a friend also gives her comfort when her foster family leaves the house. Lainey has never been a kennel girl, so her foster family lets her roam the house while they’re away.
Lainey also loves to be active, so a fenced-in backyard and a family that enjoys going on walks would be great for her. Lainey is a young dog, so she’s still working on her walking etiquette. She gets very excited when she sees new things. Bikes are interesting to this girl, but she will do anything for a treat!

Lainey is very sweet and loves to cuddle with her fur siblings and foster family. If you share your bed, she will be a cuddle queen.

If you have a flexible schedule, currently have a dog, want to add a sweet, loving mastiff mix to your household, and are able to leave this cutie out and about, Lainey might be the girl for you!

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