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LIVE: FM Halloween Run

Is your kid already lacing up her tennis shoes to help her hit as many houses as possible trick-or-treating? Here's a way you can keep up with her on the big night... and burn…

Pet Connection

Pet Connection: Meet Kombucha

  A 10-month-old pup is looking for a home full of energy where she can play, have fun, and find a family to love. Let's introduce you to Kombucha from 4 Luv of Dog…

In The Community

LIVE: Addressing Addiction in North Dakota

The numbers are in on addiction and substance abuse in the pandemic, and they are sobering in a very literal sense. Drug overdose deaths hit a record high, with almost 97,000 recorded across the…

In The Studio


Melinda's Garden Moment: Persimmon

  Plant a North American persimmon for a bit of shade and fruit you and the birds will enjoy. The American persimmon (Diospyros virginiana) is native to eastern United States but adaptable to climates across…

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Astronomy Update

Nights will be cool this week, but a returning planet and a meteor shower will color the night sky.