How a Colorado low is bringing snow to our area

KVRR Meteorologist Brian Barrett breaks down how Colorado lows form.

FARGO, N.D. — An early season winter weather storm will impact parts of the Northern Plains from Wednesday night into Friday morning.

Blizzard and winter storm warnings have stretched all the way from Montana to Northern Minnesota.

A low-pressure is forming from what experts call a Colorado low.

“Colorado lows usually form on the lee side of the Rocky Mountains and make their way east-northeastward across the Midwest and with them bringing a surmountable amount of snowfall. Heading to our expected snowfall forecast, we are expecting between twelve and eighteen inches as we head from Bismarck all the way into Minnesota. As we head into the rest of the valley, expecting less snowfall with this system,” KVRR Meteorologist Brian Barrett said.

This is a dangerous storm, so make sure to slow down and use extra caution when traveling.

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