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Thinking Green: Sustainable Mulching

There's mulch to know, and learn, about sustainable practices in construction.

Mulching is a great practice that can help you save your yard from weeds, your perennials from heat and drought and cold freezes, and much more. And there’s a way it can be created sustainably. Danny Lipford gives us all something to mull(ch) over in today’s Thinking Green. Categories: Morning – Features

Ask Danny: Choosing a Paint Finish

Get help finishing the job, done right.

It’s going to take a while yet for most of our yards to dry out enough to get out there and do some work. That gives you just enough time to go pick out some paint to spruce things up. Danny Lipford has you covered for recommendations in today’s Ask Danny. Categories: Morning – Features

Saying Goodbye to Marshall Downing

Marshall is leaving us after nearly four year

  Today we say a very bittersweet goodbye to our morning meteorologist, Marshall Downing. He is leaving us after nearly four years! That’s a long time. But it doesn’t feel long enough. You can’t capture what Marshall meant to us here on the morning show. But, we tried. We love Marshall. He is the grounding force on our morning show,…

Thinking Green: Bottled Water

Let us wash away your worries about the environment.

We’re not going to bottle up our feelings about it anymore: bottled water can add a lot of plastic waste to the environment. So water you waiting for? Learn all about bottled water’s effect on the planet in today’s Thinking Green. Categories: Morning – Features

Ask Danny: Installing a Peephole

Listen up, peeps: you can do this yourselves.

Are you ready to tackle some home improvement tasks now that the holiday weekend is over? It’s the perfect way to stay busy inside while the snow melts. Here’s Danny Lipford in this week’s Ask Danny. Categories: Morning – Features

Thinking Green: Recycled Glass

Fresh ideas, not recycled ones.

You’re all about having a modern, fresh approach around your home. It’s part of why you’re such an eco-conscious consumer. But it turns out using something old and worn out can actually be the best way to keep it looking bright. We’re talking about recycled glass and why it belongs in your living space in this week’s Thinking Green with…

Ask Danny: Leaking Chimney

He's leaking the secret of how to find the source.

Looks like everyone with a fireplace is going to want to put it to good use for the rest of the week. And if you have a leak, you’ll want to get right to work finding it before the snow starts to fly. Danny Lipford lets us know how to locate a chimney leak in this week’s Ask Danny. Categories:…

Ask Danny: Sealing Cracks in Asphalt Driveway

Don't crack under the strain of home improvement.

Now that the snow has melted we’re seeing a lot of the damage it’s left behind. And it’s probably not just potholes either. Your driveway might have taken a beating this winter too. Danny Lipford has some fixes in this morning’s home improvement moment. Categories: Morning – Features

Thinking Green: Green Offices

Hint: it's not just about a new paint job for your work space.

A lot of people are back in the office in person for the first time in a couple years. And they want to bring their environmentally-sound habits back in with them. Danny lipford has our best practices for a green workplace in this morning’s Thinking Green. Categories: Morning – Features