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App of the Week: Outpatient

An insider tip for helping the senior in your life.

We are super lucky here in the upper Midwest — we’ve got more seniors per capita than practically any other region in the country. That means we have the resources of their maturity, their wisdom, their ability to spoil our kids’ appetites with candy before dinnertime. But having a big aging senior population can also come with some challenges. Francie…

Ask Danny: Cleaning Stainless Steel

Get ready for spring with some spring cleaning.

The melt is finally on. And underneath all that snow that’s piled up out there, there lurks a lot of mud, garbage and grime waiting to be exposed. In the meantime, you can make your indoors spotless while you wait for the snow to finish melting. Home improvement expert Danny Lipford shows us how to have stainless steel without a…

Melinda’s Garden: Giving Your Garden A Pop Of Color

Plan For A Colorful Garden While You Wait For Boring White Snow To Melt

  The storm is behind us and the sun will shine this weekend, bringing rays of hope for gardeners throughout the valley that we will be able to start planting eventually. So take the time until then to prepare a garden that pops with color. Melinda Meyers is back for another year of Melinda’s Garden Moments. The colorful and uniquely…

Tech Tip Today: Snap 3D

Stay entertained while you're stuck indoors.

What with today’s storm shutting down the interstate and making roads outside town darn near impossible to get anywhere on, we’re facing a lot of downtime indoors trying to keep ourselves from going stir crazy. Fortunately – the Morning Show is here to help. Francie Black has a way to turn the movies on your smartphone into a 3D experience…

App of the Week: Google Live Transcribe

Free yourself up to take in more info without taking notes.

Keeping good notes is a lifesaver for a lot of us. But writing everything down when someone’s telling you can feel like a real chore, and a distraction, when you’d rather just listen. Free yourself up to pay close attention without taking notes in today’s App of the Week with Francie Black. Categories: Morning – Features

Thinking Green: Post-Consumer Recycling

Make sure our recycling has a place to go.

We’re seeing a lot of stories these days about the future of recycling and whether our recyclables will still have a market in the near future. Simply put, if it’s not profitable and practical, there’s no reason for manufacturers to take them. This week, we’re finding out how you can help make sure the recycling movement doesn’t run out of momentum….

Ask Danny: Water Bills

It can be a draining experience.

  An increase in your water bill isn’t just something that costs you your hard-earned cash. It can also be a sign of something not working properly around the home. Home improvement expert Danny Lipford gives us advice on how to keep your savings from running right down the drain in this week’s Ask Danny.   Categories: Morning – Features

Tech Tip Today: Scan My Photos

Don't let your precious memories get washed away.

It’s not fun to think about, but the recent rise in significant flood chances this spring mean it’s time to get prepared. And when it comes to your precious old photos, they’re an irreplaceable part of your personal history that’s all too easy to damage in a disaster. Don’t rely on luck to preserve your old photos. Francie Black shows…

Pet Connection Success Story: The Budgies Find A Home

3 Budgies That Visited Last Week Now Have Forever Homes

  We’ve got another successful connection to share with you. Just last week our friend at C.A.A.R.E. brought four little, lively budgies on the show. They’re great birds for inexperienced bird owners. Just two days later, three of the budgies found a forever home together. They’re very social and love being in groups. Their new owners say on Facebook the…

App of the Week: Plex

Which one makes sense when it comes to choosing a streaming option.

From movies to music to podcasts, the number of choices for streaming stuff is overwhelming. So how do you decide which one to go with? Here’s one we’ve test-driven already with some success. Get the scoop on this streaming app with Francie Black in the App of the Week. Categories: Morning – Features