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Thinking Green: Duct Testing

Advice that isn't just a bunch of hot air.

It’s cold out there. And that means it’s time to start budgeting to spend more bucks on heating your home. Danny Lipford lets us in on the secret to saving heat, money and the planet this winter in this week’s Thinking Green. Categories: Morning – Features

Thinking Green: Butting Out

There are no buts about it.

We’ve talked a lot lately about the dangers of vaping. But for folks who still smoke, there’s another danger you may not be thinking much about. Danny Lipford gets us thinking about the risk to the planet in this week’s Thinking Green. Categories: Morning – Features

Ask Danny: Painting Kitchen Countertops

Because your kitchen is about to see a lot of action.

Holiday entertaining season is right around the corner. but your budget may not be ready to do any major home makeovers this morning. Fortunately, your kitchen counters could go into thanksgiving looking great and letting you off easy in terms of cost. Here’s home improvement expert Danny Lipford. Categories: Morning – Features

Thielen Or Wentz? Pick Your Hometown Star

We Make You Decide Ahead Of Vikings/Eagles This Weekend

  The huge NFL game this weekend is the Minnesota Vikings hosting the Philadelphia Eagles. Each team has one of our hometown favorites on it. Detroit Lakes Native Adam Thielen is fresh off a two-touchdown game against the New York Giants. And Bison great Carson Wentz helped beat the New York Jets last week. But you can’t root for both…

Ghoul Morning: North Dakota Named Most Haunted State In U.S.

Survey Studied Tweets To Determine Most Instances Of Ghosts And Hauntings

We have the perfect story if you want to have a ghoul morning in our region. A new survey calls North Dakota the most haunted state in the country. The folks at Brandwatch based their research on five thousand tweets they studied in 2017 and 2018. The results are based on the number of ghost sightings or claims that a…

Thinking Green: Composite Wood

Wood-n't you rather help the environment when you plan home improvement?

When it comes to thinking green you can’t go wrong with making sure trees stay standing. Even when it comes to your home construction projects. Danny Lipford shows us why composite wood can make it easier to be green this morning. Categories: Morning – Features

Thinking Green: Solar-Powered Dryer

Now if we only had some sun to work with.

Today’s Thinking Green is all about how to make hay while the sun shines. Okay, it’s more like doing laundry while the sun shines. Danny Lipford shows us how to set up an old-fashioned clothesline to save money and the planet. Categories: Morning – Features

Monday Match: Angela & Myah

Angela & Myah Have Been Matched For 7 1/2 Years

It’s time for our Monday Match this morning. You can defend the potential of a child by volunteering as a mentor through Big Brothers Big Sisters of The Village Family Service Center. Let’s meet one of these Bigs, Angela, and her Little, Myah: · They have been matched in the program for 7½ years. · Some of their favorite outings…

Thinking Green: Green Cleaners

Don't let cleaners make your house dirty.

You use cleaners to get your house clean. But what if it turns out there’s stuff in those cleaners that’s dirtying up your home with chemicals you don’t want? Danny Lipford gives us a breakdown of chemical-free cleaners in this week’s Thinking Green. Categories: Morning – Features

Emmys Preview: Best Limited Series

Emmy Awards Air Sunday Night On KVRR

  They’re finishing preps for the 71st Primetime Emmy Awards. You can catch the show Sunday night right here on KVRR. While they’re busy rolling out the Red Carpet, we’re brushing up on the nominees. You can check out our takes on a bunch of other categories on the morning show page on Today we’re looking at who’s up…