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Melinda’s Garden: Summer-Blooming Shrubs

There's still one day left!

Summer 2018 is almost gone, as the first day of fall is Saturday. But in honor of the final few hours of the warmest season of the year, we’re bringing you some tips on some little-known summer-blooming beauties you can plant in your yard to add color and interest when many early-blooming perennials have petered out for the season. Let…

Tech Tip Today: TV Tech

There's more to offer than ever before.

Here at the Morning Show, we’re all about seeking out the top tech in TVs. After all, we want you to watch us as much as possible, and great TVs are a great way to do that. Francie Black will walk you through all the best TV tips to be had in this week’s Tech Tip Today. Categories: Morning –…

App of the Week: Totsie Baby Photo Editor

Each moment you've captured is precious. If only you had the time to organize them.

Raising kids is a lot of fun. Each day your child does something new, something exciting, something cute or funny or just so silly you have to record it on camera. The problem is, there are so many of them they tend to blur together. It’s probably the sleep deprivation. Here’s a way you can organize all those delightful little…

Thinking Green: Checking Ducts

It's cooling down out there. Time to button up your jacket -- and the house.

For the first time in a long time, you probably felt it was chilly outside this morning. Time to bundle up against the wind, and button up the house against drafts, too. Danny Lipford shows you how to keep your house warm for cool-weather season — and environmentally friendly — in this week’s Thinking Green. Categories: Morning – Features

Ask Danny: Cracks in Walls

Don't let your composure crack. Fix the cracks in your walls yourself.

You’ve probably noticed between last year’s dry weather and this year’s return of some rains that it’s wreaking a bit of havoc on your home’s walls. And when shifts in the soil moisture are inevitable, cracks in your walls can show up. But do you know the difference between a minor cosmetic problem and a major issue with your home? Danny…

Melinda’s Garden: Coffee Grounds

The fuel for your morning can kick-start your garden plants, too.

If you’re anything like us on the Morning Show, then coffee is the entire reason your morning — or maybe your whole day — gets going. Turns out it can do the same thing for your garden plantings, too. Check out Melinda Myers’ tips on how your used coffee grounds can give a jolt to your plants in this week’s…

Tech Tip Today: Who Unfollowed Me

Avoid the awkward conversation. Do some snooping instead.

It’s always an awkward thing, trying to discreetly figure out who’s seeing your posts on social media and who’s been left in the dark. Find out if they maybe just haven’t checked in yet, or if they dropped you like a hot potato, in this week’s Tech Tip Today with Francie Black. Categories: Morning – Features

App of the Wee: Oscar Senior

Senioritis isn't just for high school anymore.

Call it senioritis for the retired set. You probably have an older friend or maybe a relative who’s  coming to the smartphone game relatively late and just isn’t that interested in adopting the newer technology. They may be slacking on their social media skills. But, dang it, you want your Grandma to be able to share her amazing videos of…

Thinking Green: Don’t Butt Out

An important message about how your health and the planet's are connected.

Danny Lipford is bringing us an important message this morning. Sure, he always does, in relaying tips and tidbits about how making better choices in the products and habits in your life can improve the health of our planet. But this time, he’s explaining how in this particular example the health of the planet affects your health, directly. Check it…

Ask Danny: Bathroom Vanity

Give your vanity something to be vain about.

The holidays are upon us. Happy Rosh Hashanah, everyone! But just as the leaves suddenly change from green to gold, so too does your lazy summer turn to a busy fall schedule filled with family members visiting for the holidays from out of town. Help your bathroom vanity look its best with a look at what kinds of materials work…