Morning – Pet Connection

Pet Connection: Meet Moo

Moo Was Saved From A Shelter In Texas. Will You Finish The Job And Give Him A Forever Home?

  We’ve got a brand new shelter joining Pet Connection for the very first time. Creative K9 Solutions is doing some good work in West Fargo. In fact, if it weren’t for them, this next lovable lug you’re about to meet probably wouldn’t be here this morning. Now you could be the person to finish what they started and save…

Pet Connection: Meet Jughead

He puts the fun in funny papers.

This week’s Pet Connection cutie is a canine with a comic connection. Jughead the American bulldog comes to us by way of Homeward Animal Shelter. He’s a beautiful and affectionate fellow who’s done a bit of living in his young life. He’s only 3, but he’s got some scars, although shelter staff aren’t sure where they come from. He’s got…

Pet Connection: Meet Bella

Bella Has Spent Long Enough Looking For A Home

  Meet Bella. The 12 1/2-year-old cat has been waiting for a permanent home for more than THREE years! She’d love to snuggle on your lap. She’s affectionate, greeting her humans at the door. She is living with diabetes, but takes her meds like a champ. Plus, her adoption fee is fully sponsored, and the Petfinder Foundation will give a…

Pet Connection: Meet Summer

Summer lovin,' comin' up.

We know the calendar and the outdoor temps show that summer’s on its way out soon. But you can hang on to Summer forever with this week’s Pet Connection. Literally, as it turns out. She even walks on a leash, so she’s much easier to hang on to. Summer was rescued once as a newly-delivered mama by the rescue workers…

LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Peekaboo

Surprise! It's a chinchilla.

You may not realize this, but Kritter Krazy Reptile and Exotic Rescue covers pretty much every animal out there. In addition to their ever-expanding assortment of homeless and abandoned tortoises, iguanas, ball pythons and Nile monitors, they also handle some pretty fluffy characters too. When it comes to care for pets, turns out “exotics” means pretty much anything that isn’t…

Worth The Wait: Rescued Macaw Finds A Home After More Than A Year

Paco Was Rescued From A Life Of Neglect In 2019

  We have an extra special Pet Connection success story, one that is more than a year in the making. CAARE Bird Rescue saved a group of parrots from a life of neglect. They actually paid for the birds just to get them to safety. We featured two of them on Pet Connection in June of 2019, including Paco the…

Pet Connection: Meet the Baby Corn Snakes

No, that's not a colorful shoelace you're looking at.

They say you can never have too much of a good thing. That is only partly true when it comes to rescue animals. Especially when they have litters of babies that all need homes at once. Not only do many kinds of snakes have several of eggs at once, one mama snake who came into a local rescue already pregnant…

Pet Connection: Meet Bauer

Bauer Is A Goldendoodle Dressed To Impress

  This week’s pet is from one of the most popular breeds of recent years. And he’s got the adorable look and good temperament that would fit right in with a lot of families. Meet Bauer! He joins us this week from the Uffda Fund for Animals Rescue in Cando, North Dakota. He’s a 4-year-old neutered male Goldendoodle. He has…

Pet Connection: Meet Jinxy

Jinxy Can Fit In Almost Any Home

  Here’s a pet that comes with a very high recommendation this morning. Shelby from the Humane Society of the Lakes in Detroit Lakes sent in this week’s video, and she says she wishes she could adopt the kitty we’re about to meet herself, if only her current cat wasn’t such a diva. But her loss could be your gain….

Pet Connection: Meet Elm

A dog whose spirit is as big as her namesake.

Here in the Fargo metro area, we love our beautiful elm tree canopy that graces the city’s oldest boulevards and walkways. And Elm is a dog who’s just as beautiful as they are. She comes to this week’s Pet Connection from the wonderful volunteers at 4 Luv of Dog rescue. She’s a little over a year old, a pit bull…