Morning – Pet Connection

Pet Connection: Meet Dominic

Homeward Animal Shelter is slashing adoption fees this month because they're overflowing with animals in need

  Dominic is a sweetheart according to Heather Klefstad with Homeward Animal Shelter. She says the two-year-old black and white kitty is shy, and would love some time and space to warm up to someone. But once he does, all he wants is cuddles all day. He would probably need to be the only cat in a home. But he’s…

Pet Connection: Meet Duchess

Duchess joins Pet Connection from the Humane Society of the Lakes

  This week we have a pet who is a little bit extra. She has extra personality. It certainly looks like she has some extra fur compared to some cats. She even has some extra toes! Meet the lively Duchess from our friends at the Humane Society of the Lakes in Detroit Lakes. She came to the shelter in September…

Pet Connection: Meet Gomez

You'll love him as much as Gomez Addams loves Morticia.

Fans of the “mysterious and spooky, ” as the song goes, we may have a match for you in little Mr. Gomez. This beautiful boy comes to us for this week’s Pet Connection courtesy of Kritter Krazy Reptile and Exotic pet rescue. He’s a ball python, which are some of the easiest to care for and handle species of snakes….

Pet Connection: Meet Alvin

Alvin is one of four young Shepherd mixes looking for a fresh start where they can blossom into themselves

  Alvin didn’t have the best start to his life. He’s one of four 4 to 5-month-old Shepherd mix puppies surrendered to the Humane Society of the Lakes. They were underfed when they arrived, and they’re a little skittish around people still. But all four are ready for homes! They just need a caring, nurturing home with people ready to…

Pet Connection: Meet Boone

He could be your "Boone" companion.

Boone is a handsome sweetheart with a shy personality that means he’ll need an extra helping hand to come out of his shell. The good-looking guy really needs it, too. He’s been stuck in the shelter now for more than a year and a half. Specifically, Thursday the 16th is his 629th day with Homeward Animal Shelter. No cat wants…

Pet Connection: Meet Billy

Floof and fun all in a pocket-sized package.

We might not need to bundle up quite so much this morning as we did earlier this week. But this little guy didn’t get the memo. Billy the chinchilla is one of several available at Kritter Krazy Reptile and Exotic Rescue. Chinchillas, with their dense, soft, beautiful fur, are ready for the cold, and for your cuddles. That’s in the…

Pet Connection: Meet Thimble & Button

Thimble & Button join Pet Connection as a bonded pair from Cat's Cradle Shelter

  We’re featuring a shelter for the very first time for this week’s Pet Connection. Meet Thimble and Button from Cat’s Cradle Shelter. During our interview, Button got restless and jumped out of the arms of Natural Pet Center owner Michelle Smith. They’re four-month-old bonded kittens. They’re staying at Natural Pet Center while they’re waiting for a new home. Because…

Pet Connection: Meet Napoleon

This guy can definitely conquer your heart.

The shelters are strapped for space this morning. They’re dealing¬†with a lot more animals coming in homeless than usual. It’s the opposite of where we were last year, with all kinds of people looking to adopt for the first time. On the plus side — if you’re looking for a new furry family member, you’ve got a lot to choose…

Pet Connection: Meet Tobey & Sunny

The Maltese mixes are learning a bunch after starting off life in an unfortunate situation

  We have a couple adorable pups who had a rough start to life this week for Pet Connection. But man, they’re cute, and hopefully they find a good home soon. Meet Sunny and Tobey from the Uffda Animal Rescue in Cando, North Dakota. They’re Maltese mixes. Sunny is a female. Tobey is a male. They came from a hoarding…

Pet Connection: Meet Hansel

A handsome fellow who's good at conversation.

If you’re looking for some good conversation, chances are, you don’t think bringing home a new house pet is going to fit the bill. Siamese cats, however, may be just what you need. They’re often considered to be among the “chattiest” of cat breeds. And this guy, Hansel, a ten-year-old Siamese at Homeward Animal Shelter, is no exception. Homeward’s Heather…