Author: Emily Welker

LIVE: Travels with Frode

See Norway with a native.

There are a lot of folks around our region who can boast Norwegian heritage. But far fewer of them are actually Norwegian transplants, and even fewer are leading their own tours of their homeland. Now, you can tag along. Frode Tilden is about to embark on his second “Travels with Frode” tour of his homeland and he wants to take…

LIVE: Haunted Costume Bash

Sure hope you haven't packed away your Halloween costume already.

It’s haunted by history, and some say by ghosts. And this weekend, it’s your chance to check it out in high style and for a great cause. Bonanzaville is hosting a Haunted Costume Bash Saturday, complete with live entertainment and cash prizes for best costume, all at the historic site in West Fargo. Best of all, they’ve changed their policy…

LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Virginia

She's an international star. So why can't this sweet girl find someone to love?

With a face like that, it’s no wonder she wound up an international sensation. Virginia is a beautiful, odd-eyed white and tan pit bull who found superstardom after being featured as one of the “one-der” dogs of the Fargo Brewing Company’s beer can campaign. The collaboration between the local brewer and local rescue 4 Luv of Dog is being shared…

Thinking Green: Duct Testing

Advice that isn't just a bunch of hot air.

It’s cold out there. And that means it’s time to start budgeting to spend more bucks on heating your home. Danny Lipford lets us in on the secret to saving heat, money and the planet this winter in this week’s Thinking Green. Categories: Morning – Features

Nichole’s Halloween Baking Series: Death by Chocolate Mousse

If you've got to go, go with a smile.

The name alone sounds forbidding. Chocolate mousse is pretty widely considered one of the most alluringly sinful desserts around, but while a lot of us enjoy eating it, many of us have never tried it before. And when you consider the spooky factor of the cemetery, plus construction of a hand-lettered sugar cookie coffin and those delicate little fondant decorations…

LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Jubilee

Talk about a reason to party -- a new puppy!

Bring on the puppy party! Jubilee is a three-and-a-half-month-old puppy who came in to Diamond in the Ruff pet rescue with her sister. It’s somewhat unclear what breed or breeds she is, possibly part blue heeler, but either way, she’s a sweetheart. Very good with other dogs and with cats, as well as with kids and adults, she’s just looking…

LIVE: Fargo Police Talk About Halloween Safety

Fargo police are joining the call to urge parents to check the candy their children bring home. Public Information Officer Jessica Schindeldecker sat down live in-studio with the Morning Show’s Emily Welker to talk about what to be on the lookout for in your kids’ candy, why traffic and kids can be an even more dangerous combination, and the online…

LIVE: Scary Creatures

Learn facts about these awful animals that take them from frightening to fun.

They’re some of Halloween’s most dreaded characters. Snakes, spiders, even menacing birds of prey that hover above our heads like a Hitchcockian nightmare come to life. The Halloween holiday is full of them. But this year, the Red River Zoo wants you to get to know its scariest critters a little better, and make friends with the frightening. Even zoo…

LIVE: Fly Girls

See why the region's been giving women wings to fly for an entire century.

You probably know all about Amelia Earhart, but did you know the Red River Valley region is home to one of the most daring women pilots in early aviation history? Award-winning author Keith O’Brien is talking at the Fargo Air Museum Monday night about his new book out, called “Fly Girls,” and featuring the true story of Florence Klingensmith, a…

Nichole’s Halloween Baking Series: Ghost Ganache Layer Cake, Part 2

We're taking the scary out of making the most elegant sweets for the season.

By now, you’ve probably watched the first part of our Nichole’s Ghost Ganache Layer Cake and thought to yourself, “This isn’t so bad. I could pull that off.” And then you realize that the cute little meringue ghosts on top are made of a combination of hot sugar syrup and whipped egg whites in a seven-minute frosting recipe, and you…