Author: Emily Welker

LIVE: Red River Sportsmen’s Show

If you buy a boat this weekend, don't forget the life jacket to go with it.

The ice is melting fast throughout the region, and the boats and grills are disappearing just as fast. That’s the word from organizers at the Red River Sportsmen’s Show, who say some of the boat dealers you’ll see at the show are already looking at the end of their inventory for the season. The heightened demand is due in part…

KVRR Morning News Special: COVID-19 vaccinations – Finding Answers

Your biggest questions about getting the Covid vaccine in our region answered by the people who put the vaccine program together.

We’re tackling today some of your top questions about the Covid vaccine program in the Red River Region and beyond, and we couldn’t have done it without your help. The Director of Nursing, Fargo Cass Public Health’s Suzanne Schaefer, took two hours today to talk with our Morning Show anchors live about the biggest questions you still have about the…

Mammograms and the Covid Vaccine

When they get together, the result can be misleading, doctors say.

If you’re headed in for a mammogram or thinking about booking one soon, be sure to tell your doctor if you’ve gotten any of the Covid vaccines. That’s because swollen lymph nodes, which are a side effect of some vaccinations, including Covid, can raise your doctor’s suspicions about breast cancer. Sanford Health physicians say a few people have already come…

Thinking Green: Green Cleaners

With the pandemic, we're cleaning like we've never cleaned before.

What with this coronavirus pandemic affecting the very air we breathe, we’re all about clean air and clean surfaces this morning. Find out which cleaners can make your immediate environment cleaner and greener in Thinking Green. Categories: Morning – Features

Ask Danny: Painting Paneling

Let us paint you a picture of how it'll look when it's done.

If you’re going to study up on the best ways to tackle a dramatic paint transformation job on your home, it might feel like you have to wade your way through a panel of experts. But when it comes to painting over wood paneling, you only need one: Danny Lipford. Here’s today’s Ask Danny. Categories: Morning – Features

LIVE: YWCA Sees Spike in Kid Clients

The silent crisis brewing beneath the pandemic is emerging this winter.

FARGO, N.D. — The eerie slowdown at one of the region’s biggest women’s and children’s shelters appears to be over. The YWCA of Cass and Clay Counties serves mostly women and children escaping domestic violence. At first, during the pandemic, shelter workers noticed clients calling more, but not showing up for their appointments to get help and a new safe…

Pet Connection: Meet Chance

Give a guinea pig a chance to make your life pretty great.

They’re the only animal rescue in the Fargo metro area that specifically serves reptiles and exotic pets. And this morning, they’re up to their eyeballs in small animals, including seven guinea pigs. Since seven is supposed to be a lucky number, let’s introduce you to one of them. His name is Chance. He’s got a beautiful long coat, loves to…

Thinking Green: Home Filtration System

Your wallet and the planet will thank you later.

No matter where you are in the region this morning, chances are good that your home heating system is getting quite a workout. And so will your pocketbook when the bills come due. Find out how to get your home filtration system cleaned out before heating costs clean your bank account out. Here’s Danny Lipford. Categories: Morning – Features

Thinking Green: Alternative Transportation

Questionable timing, great idea for when it warms up around here.

This morning, the timing could not be more ironic for today’s Thinking Green. Because no matter how dedicated you are to making your commute more environmentally friendly, taking your bike to work may be too much to ask. But hey, the cold snap won’t last forever. Find out about all the ways you can turn to wheels to make your…

LIVE: Gearing Up for Giving Hearts Day

The need may never have been greater.

The folks at the region’s many nonprofits are hoping our hearts are a little bit bigger than usual this year. Because while Giving Hearts Day is typically one of our top times for charitable giving in the region, it’s also happening this time around after nearly an entire year’s worth of recession. That’s hitting the region’s nonprofits hard. So, because…