Emily Welker

App of the Week: Amazon Lightning Deals

You've got to act fast, and Francie knows how.

It’s two weeks to go until Christmas and if you’re looking to save some cash on your online shopping you’ve got to act fast. Find out how to get in on deals that go quick as a flash with Francie Black. Categories: Morning – Features

Thinking Green: Indigenous Plants

It's time to start dreaming about green things.

These days, gardening in this climate is pretty much limited to making sure the Christmas tree stand is filled with water, and watching to make sure your pets don’t eat the poinsettia. But you’re probably already dreaming of next year’s garden and what to plant. Prepare for when it gets green again by considering some indigenous plants for the garden….

Ask Danny: Replacing an Asphalt Roof

Get your roof in tip-top shape.

We’re looking at a warm-up on the way, and you know what that means – melting. And that also means your roof better be in tip top shape before it starts, unless of course you like dripping water coming down on top of your freshly-lighted Christmas tree. Find out how you can tell when it’s time to replace your asphalt…

Tech Tip Today:

Stalk your loved ones' gifts on Amazon with anonymity.

Ordering stuff you need off Amazon is becoming second-nature to a lot of us. But when you have to keep your orders secret from the rest of the family because they’re Christmas presents, it’s a little trickier. Francie Black figured out a way to keep the secret in the bag until Christmas morning. It’s in this week’s Tech Tip Today…

App of the Week: Gift It

When your gift list is as long as Santa's.

You know that mile-long list Santa Claus has with all the names of kids who were naughty and nice? These days, some of us have “notes” sections for shopping lists in our smartphones that are starting to resemble Santa’s. Maybe you and Santa can replace those lists with this app. Francie Black shows us how it can organize your gift…

Thinking Green: Green Showers

Shower yourself in environmental knowledge. (And hot water too.)

On mornings as cold as these, the hotter the better when it comes to a shower to start your day. But what kind of environmental impact is it having? Turns out you don’t have to throw cold water on the idea of a hot shower to be environmentally conscious. Danny Lipford explains how to get clean, and green, in this…

Ask Danny: Algae Removal

Because there are side effects to rain and snow.

There’s been a fair amount of precipitation so far this season, and while that can be good news for growers.. . it may not be so great for your roof. Home improvement expert Danny Lipford looks into how you can keep your algae situation under control in this morning’s Ask Danny. Categories: Morning – Features

LIVE: Mental Health Help for Students

Reaching children in rural parts of our region, one day at a time.

It’s tough for some parents to imagine, but kids as young as elementary-school age can struggle with serious mental health issues. And in rural parts of North Dakota, accessing mental health help can be tough — with or without the stigma that still attaches to mental health problems. That’s something United Way of Cass-Clay is trying to help. A pilot…

LIVE: SBA Head Tours Fargo Small Businesses

It's a big day for business in the world, and for small business in Fargo.

They may be small today. But every major corporation in America had to start somewhere, and most of them started as small businesses once upon a time. Linda McMahon got her start as the leader and co-creator of a small regional business that today is the multinational organization known as the World Wrestling Federation. Now, she serves as part of…

Melinda’s Garden: Starting Begonias from Leaves

More plants, for the price of one.

It’s the time of year when a lot of us gardeners realize we’re going to have to do our digging indoors if we want to indulge our interests. Melinda Myers shows us how we can do it — without spending a fortune on new houseplants — in this week’s Melinda’s Garden. Categories: Morning – Features