Author: Emily Welker

Thinking Green: Tools of the Trade

Danny Lipford's trading on his good sense when it comes to the environment.

The hottest toys for the 2020 holiday season have hit the market, and you’ve probably got quite a list already. But there are some other items you may want to ask Santa for this year. There are some nifty gadgets out there that can help you save money on energy costs — while you save Mother Nature. Here’s Danny Lipford…

LIVE: ND Family Has 19 Covid-Infected Members

There are pandemic tragedies everywhere in our state. This family's been hit extra hard.

A North Dakota woman who was the first in her family to get Covid-19 is speaking out after eighteen more members have since become infected with the virus. Ashlee Nordquist was left in a coma and on a ventilator after she got infected with the novel coronavirus at work in April. She’s in her 20s. Her brother, who’s in his…

Ask Danny: Choosing Gutter System

Get your gutter advice from a pro.

We’ve gotten lucky so far this fall, but chances are we’re going to be seeing more precipitation headed our way soon. And that means your gutters need to be in good working order. Hope you remembered to clean yours out this year. But if that’s put you in the market for a new gutter system, Danny Lipford has some tips….

Pet Connection: Meet Collin

Those eyes are callin' you to be his new best friend.

(NOTE: The above video has an incorrect graphic within it. This story is about a fundraiser for 4 Luv of Dog, not for Homeward Animal Shelter.) Collin is celebrating an extra-special Thanksgiving this year, because he almost didn’t make it there. The big, black Labrador retriever cross was languishing in a Tulsa, Oklahoma shelter, next on the list to be…

Thinking Green: Toilet Conversion

Let us convert your way of thinking.

It’s one of the most divisive issues in our country today. Not masks. Not the presidential election. It’s low flow toilets. Join the conversation about conversion in this week’s Thinking Green. Categories: Morning – Features

Ask Danny: Sweating Windows

Don't sweat it, we've got a solution.

The temperatures these days are not exactly ones that are going to make you all sweaty and hot when you’re running around outside. But there is one kind of sweating you might want to worry about. Sweating windows can be a real problem. Here’s Danny Lipford with the details on how to deal with it in this week’s Ask Danny….

Pet Connection: Meet Buxton

It can take big bucks to heal a dog like Buxton.

If you have a pet you already know it’s important to budget for regular veterinary care. But sometimes, medical surprises come up that can be a bit more than you bargained for cost-wise. That happens with dogs that come into rescues, too. And right now, 4 Luv of Dog has two dogs who need pretty expensive medical help to get…

LIVE: Keeping Veterans Safe on Veterans Day

They're one of our most precious resources. Show them you care by keeping them safe while you honor their service.

The North Dakota Census reports that we’ve got more than 50,000 veterans alive in the state this year, but the number is dwindling. That’s in part because they’re an aging population. And local veterans are concerned about about the potential the pandemic could have to diminish their ranks still further. That’s why veterans groups worked overtime this year to make…

Thinking Green: Tired of Green

Green fatigue is a real thing. Here's how to turn it around.

You know how they say it’s not easy being green? Turns out practice might not make it any easier. Fortunately, Danny Lipford can help make it feel like a little less of a chore to recycle, reuse and reduce. Here’s this week’s Thinking Green. Categories: Morning – Features

Ask Danny: Fixing Holes in Brick Walls

It's a (w)hole lot of helpful info.

The weather’s going to be substantially colder this week and that means it’s time to start thinking about all the time you’re going to be spending indoors soon. Danny Lipford is here with how to make your home its best for the winter in this week’s Ask Danny. Categories: Morning – Features