Author: Emily Welker

Thinking Green: Radiant Heating

You'll be radiant with new knowledge about the benefits.

Believe it or not, someday soon we will get to the point where we’re going to want to turn the heat back on at night. Remember a few years ago, when we got that frost warning in mid-August? Cover your home heating needs as well as your tomatoes when that happens. Here’s the way to do it green, with Danny…

Ask Danny: Finding a Contractor

Spacing out over picking a contractor? Here's some help.

During the pandemic, making the choice about who you want to let into your space is more critical than ever. And it’s putting a new pressure on people to pick the right contractor. Danny Lipford lets us in on some handy tips to find the right handy help in this week’s Ask Danny. Categories: Morning – Features

LIVE: Bee Hunt with Longspur Prairie Fund

Bee excited! The sixth annual Bee Hunt is coming up and it's bigger than ever!

It’s National Pollinator Week, and it ‘s going to be a “bee-autiful” weekend in the region –perfect for going on a bee hunt. But in this hunt, you shoot with a camera. The sixth annual Bee Hunt with the Longspur Prairie Fund is happening Saturday in Ulen, Minnesota. Activists with the LPF say the bee hunt draws bigger and bigger…

Thinking Green: LED Lighting

Don't be led astray. Find out more about developing light technologies.

LEDs have been on the market for awhile, but engineers are coming up with new ways all the time to light up our lives in greener and greener ways. Danny lipford shows us why LED technology is still a bright shining light for green technology in today’s Thinking Green. Categories: Morning – Features

Ask Danny: CFL Bulbs

Danny Lipford's shedding some light on the subject.

We’re finally past the summer solstice this morning. And that means the daylight out there is starting to grow less and less from this morning on. Find out whether CFL bulbs are what you want for your home in this morning’s Ask Danny. Categories: Morning – Features

Thinking Green: Mosquito Bites

The other thing that bites about warm weather.

As if this heat isn’t bad enough, there’s something else that can suck all the fun out of your summertime: mosquito bites. Find out how to up your green game with mosquito repellant done the environmentally responsible way in this week’s Thinking Green. Categories: Morning – Features

LIVE: Hot Tips to Stay Cool

Are you sick of the heat yet? Stay healthy instead, with us.

Even if we don’t hit a new record high today, temperatures are still dangerously hot outside. Just like they were yesterday. The experts at F-M ambulance say it’s during a long stretch of hot days that they typically see a spike in heat-related emergency calls. That’s often because after a day or so, we forget to keep ourselves hydrated. They…

Ask Danny: Attic Exhaust Fan

If you think this heat is exhausting outdoors, try your attic.

Keeping your home cool and dry is important any time of year, but it’s especially important these days. Check out what kind of fan you’re going to want to install in this morning’s Ask Danny. Categories: Morning – Features

LIVE: Fargo Police LGBTQ Liaison

It's Pride Month nationwide. Here's what the region's biggest law enforcement agencies wants you to know.

The Fargo Police Department is reminding the community this morning this Pride Month there’s a liaison officer available for the local LGTBQ community. Pride Month is celebrated in June nationwide. Pride Week is celebrated locally in August, as well. The Pride Collective of Fargo-Moorhead announced back in May the cancellation of all in-person summer pride events due to the threat…

Thinking Green: Post-Consumer Recycling

Shop smart to save the planet.

We know it’s important that we put recyclables in the recycling bin instead of chucking it into the trash. But you have to support the process on the other end, too. Danny Lipford takes a look at post consumer recycled products in this week’s Thinking Green. Categories: Morning – Features