Author: Emily Welker

LIVE: Unglued Craft Fest

D-I-why don't you try your hand at some of this stuff?

For almost a decade now, Ashley Morken has been the mover and shaker behind one of the region’s biggest maker events: the Unglued Craft Fest. It’s grown from a small venue to now fill — and we do mean pack tight — the Plains Art Museum for a two-day event celebrating the handmade, the original, and the artisan beauty of…

Thinking Green: Part-Time Vegan

In which we take part in a discussion about being partly vegan.

Can you be a part-time vegan? You’d think that when it comes to being vegan — a person who eats no animal or animal-exploitative products of any kinds — it’s pretty much all or nothing. But if you want to try a vegan lifestyle on for size before committing to it fully, there are some benefits to be had. Not…

A Foundation of Love: Moorhead’s Usher’s House

As familiar as one of the area's most popular nightspots is, its true story is one you might never have heard.

Aaron Duma strolls through the building, a year after closing it up as Usher’s House for the last time. “I love the stone — I absolutely love the stone,” he said. “We did our share of flood fighting in this place. In ’09 we were sleeping here in shifts to keep the water out.” Love’s a strong word to use…

Ask Danny: Draining Your Water Heater

Don't let your heater quit on you this winter.

On a cold morning like this one, you really rely on your water heater for a nice hot shower to get the day going. But are you maintaining your water heater correctly? Don’t be left without this wintertime necessity — there’s still plenty of winter mornings yet to come this season. Home improvement expert Danny Lipford shows us what to…

Tech Tip Today: Twitter

Think you know everything about how to use Twitter? Think again.

You might think you already know everything there is to know about Twitter. After all – this presidential administration has given us quite a crash course already. But there’s one person out there who’s an even bigger Twitter expert than President Donald Trump. Francie Black teaches us all a thing or two in this week’s Tech Tip Today. Categories: Morning…

Thinking Green: Pantry Cleaners

The solution could be right at your fingertips.

When it comes to getting your house clean, you want clean. Not just chemical-clean, but clean-planet clean, too. Danny Lipford has your best bets for staying green and clean in this week’s Thinking Green. Categories: Morning – Features

App of the Week: Video to Gif

If you need a gif, here's the way to do it.

It’s time to start stepping up your messaging game this morning in time for valentine’s day. Especially now those message candy hearts aren’t going to be available. Instead, why create an original gif for your message? Francie Black has the gif that keeps on giving in today’s App of the Week. Categories: Morning – Features

LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Pepper

A seasoned cuddler and all-around adorable adoptable dog.

If you’re looking for someone to spice up your day, you can’t do better than Pepper. The Lhasa Apso mix lost his home when his owner had to move to a care facility, and he was surrendered to the Homeward Animal Shelter. Homeward’s Heather Klefstad brought Pepper in for a visit with the Morning Show’s Emily Welker live in studio,…

Ask Danny: Hammering Water Pipes

We're hammering out some solid solutions this morning.

If you don’t know what they are, the first time you hear the sound of hammering water pipes is enough to scare you silly. It’s loud and unsettling — a little as if a loud, angry animal is trapped under your kitchen sink. Fortunately, there’s a way to fix it. Just ask home improvement expert Danny Lipford. Categories: Morning –…

Tech Tip Today: Google Home Broadcast Mode

Get chatty with the folks at home.

We’re getting better and better at getting our entire homes automated – but this morning there’s a new trick you can do when you’re out and about and need to send word back to the house. It’s changing the way we do messaging to make our lives a little easier. Check it out in this week’s Tech Tip with Francie…