Pet Connection

Pet Connection: Meet Gomez

You'll love him as much as Gomez Addams loves Morticia.

Fans of the “mysterious and spooky, ” as the song goes, we may have a match for you in little Mr. Gomez. This beautiful boy comes to us for this week’s Pet Connection courtesy of Kritter Krazy Reptile and Exotic pet rescue. He’s a ball python, which are some of the easiest to care for and handle species of snakes….

Pet Connection: Meet Boone

He could be your "Boone" companion.

Boone is a handsome sweetheart with a shy personality that means he’ll need an extra helping hand to come out of his shell. The good-looking guy really needs it, too. He’s been stuck in the shelter now for more than a year and a half. Specifically, Thursday the 16th is his 629th day with Homeward Animal Shelter. No cat wants…

Pet Connection: Meet Napoleon

This guy can definitely conquer your heart.

The shelters are strapped for space this morning. They’re dealing¬†with a lot more animals coming in homeless than usual. It’s the opposite of where we were last year, with all kinds of people looking to adopt for the first time. On the plus side — if you’re looking for a new furry family member, you’ve got a lot to choose…

Pet Connection: Meet Milano

She's one smart cookie.

Talk about a sweet deal. There’s not much on this earth that’s better than a brand-new puppy. In fact, one of the only things better is a well-behaved brand new puppy — something that’s not so easy to come by. This week, we found one for you. Her name’s Milano, and she’s an eight-month-old German Shepherd mix from 4 Luv…

Pet Connection: Meet Bandit

Quick, spot the cutie who's up for adoption this week!

If you’re looking for a boy who can steal your heart, boy do we have the deal for you this morning. Meet Bandit, the Catahoula leopard dog. Homeward Animal Shelter’s Heather Klefstad introduces us to the 6-year-old sweetie this morning. He’s a cuddler and up to date with all his vaccinations, neutered, and house trained. His striking red-colored spotted coat…

Pet Connection: Meet Minxy

She's a big ball of orange fluff and love.

We have a girl who wants to be the only kitty in town joining us for this week’s Pet Connection. The adorable Minxy was an owner surrender after she and the other cat in the household couldn’t get along. She loves dogs, enjoys kids and adults, but the Humane Society of the Lakes recommends Minxy be the only cat in…

Pet Connection: Meet Sangria

An intoxicatingly pretty girl.

Sweet Sangria hasn’t had the smoothest existence so far. The pretty girl was an owner surrender to Lakota, N.D.-based Happy Acres horse rescue along with her siblings. She’s got as nice a nature as you’d expect from her name, and loves affection and being around people. However, she’s not ready to ride yet, but she’s making progress in that direction….

Pet Connection: Meet Bailey

It's a big Pet Connection this week, our biggest yet.

It’s a big job to build a new animal rescue. This one is bigger than most. Especially because the animals they rescue are the biggest we’ve had on the Morning Show so far. Bailey the palomino is our Pet Connection star of the week, from Happy Acres Rescue in Lakota, ND. Rescue founder Lesa Kadlec-Haase says Bailey is the absolute…

Pet Connection: Meet Daxton

He's got us on a sugar high.

For a dog as sweet as his breed look no further than Daxton the chocolate lab. He’s high energy, affectionate, always up for a game, and just as goofy as his breed’s reputation would have it. He’s also very well behaved, gets along well with other dogs, kennel trained, and getting over Parvovirus like a champ. Labs are bred to…

Pet Connection: Meet Gru

His minions at Kritter Krazy say it's time you found out how sweet he is.

This week’s pet comes to us out of one of the most successful animated movie franchises of all time. But unlike his namesake… this guy is not grumpy. He’s actually a pretty smiley guy, just like the rest of his species. Say hello to Gru the leopard gecko, who’s introduced to us on this week’s Pet Connection by his human…