Pet Connection

LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Miss Sophia

Believe me, she'll keep you busy all on her own.

You might think it’s less fun to have one dog than two. Miss Sophia is here to prove you wrong. The year-and-a-half-old husky-shepherd mix came in to Homeward Animal Shelter by way of the pound, and in to the KVRR Morning Show studios via Homeward’s Heather Klefstad. And she was more fun than a barrel of monkeys the whole morning….

LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Vanya

Vanya could be just the cat for ya.

She’s a cat who’s full of surprises — a litter of them, as a matter of fact. The tiny, two-year-old tortoiseshell arrived at Diamond in the Ruff rescue and brought quite a bit of company with her, delivering a litter of kittens just two weeks after workers there brought her in. She suffered through some health issues shortly after becoming…

LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Grandpa

Dispensing dog wisdom with a side of cuddles.

What could be better than having a grandpa or grandma? Why, bringing home an extra one, of course. Grandpa the boxer has been around for awhile. He’s 10 this year, which puts him squarely in senior status. And he has a lot of wisdom to share, as you can hear in his live appearance on the Morning Show with Emily…

LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Juju

Get some good juju, from adopting Juju.

If there is such a thing as good juju in the universe, this little Juju has plenty of it to share. The sweet, affectionate little dog from the great state of Texas came in to a shelter down south as an owner surrender. Due to shelter overcrowding there, she was shipped up north to the Red River Valley, and she’s…

LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Audi

A cat of many contradictions.

You’ll probably notice that Audi’s pretty nervous for his visit to the Morning Show. As a matter of fact, he spent most of his live appearance wailing inconsolably in Emily Welker’s arms, trying to hide his pretty face from the camera. As it turns out, it’s the first in a long line of examples of why Audi’s a cat of…

LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Waffles

A sweet treat for your Thursday Morning Pet Connection.

Waffles the English Pointer may be 77 in dog years, but he can still sweep a lady right off her feet. Literally, in the case of the Morning Show’s Emily Welker. Waffles came in to the studio with Homeward Animal Shelter’s Heather Klefstad to talk about adopting a senior dog and why in many ways it’s just as much fun…

LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Ruby

Meet the perfect dog.

Ruby was scooped up off the street by the rescue workers at Diamond in the Ruff, and since then she’s been a busy girl. Now that she’s left her days as a stray behind, the springer spaniel/lab cross has donned a pretty collar, had her toenails painted pink, had her arthritis medicated, and in general, has spent her time “being…

LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Peeps

You can't get much sweeter than Peeps.

Peeps is the kind of company that, unlike her namesake sugar-covered marshmallow treat, will never get stale. She came in around the Easter holiday as an owner surrender to the rescue workers at 4 Luv of Dog, and the ten-month-old shepherd mix already has the manners, self-possession and calm of a much, much older dog. She already knows commands like…

Pet Connection: Meet Topaz

A jewel of a cat, who's been polished by her rough experiences.

Topaz is a cat who, like many gems, has been under a lot of pressure in her life. She first came in to the care of her foster family at  Adopt-A-Pet F-M with her three small kittens, all eight weeks old. She and her tiny family had been living homeless on the streets of the Turtle Mountain Reservation, and the…

LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Surly

Save your pet from potential suffering by spaying and neutering.

Surly is kind of the cautionary tale of cats whose owners choose not to spay and neuter their pets. The sweet-natured calico came in to Homeward Animal Shelter with a swollen abdomen, which made rescue workers assume she was pregnant. Further examination showed it wasn’t kittens causing the swelling. It was a massive infection of Surly’s uterus, called a pyometra,…