Pet Connection

Pet Connection: Meet Prim

Need a cuddle buddy? Prim's your guy.

It’s pretty chilly out there, and that means it’s the perfect time to find yourself a cuddle buddy for the winter and all the seasons beyond. And we’ve got just the pet to do it. A beautiful bunny is looking for a forever home in this week’s Pet Connection. Tasha Gorentz introduces us to Prim, a one-year-old neutered male rabbit….

Pet Connection: Meet Bear

Need a bear hug? He's got you covered.

We’ve been talking all week long about Fat Bear Week. And even though we announced the winner Wednesday — Congratulations, 747! — you might find yourself with a craving for more bears. We have a great one for you, although this one’s not quite ready for hibernation yet. Bear the pit bull comes to us from Homeward Animal Shelter, with…

Pet Connection: Meet Camo

In spite of his name, this cutie stands out from the pack.

It’s hunting season, and you know what that means. Time to break out the camo. A dog named Camo is waiting for you to break him out of Homeward Animal Shelter and take him to his forever home this morning. Rescue worker Heather Klefstad introduced us to this tough but tender pit bull mix. He’s about a year and a…

Pet Connection: Meet Elm

A dog whose spirit is as big as her namesake.

Here in the Fargo metro area, we love our beautiful elm tree canopy that graces the city’s oldest boulevards and walkways. And Elm is a dog who’s just as beautiful as they are. She comes to this week’s Pet Connection from the wonderful volunteers at 4 Luv of Dog rescue. She’s a little over a year old, a pit bull…

LIVE: Pet Connection: Time to Try Fostering

Fight loneliness from social distancing with the one kind of new friend it's okay to snuggle up with.

Here on the Morning Show, we want to reflect best practices when it comes to safety from COVID-19. So we’re following social distancing instructions from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, staying six or more feet apart in-studio, and no longer bringing guests as a general rule. We may invite guests on, on a case-by-case basis, for visits from…

LIVE: Meet Jewls (Again)

A jewel who needs a new setting to really shine.

Jewls is a dog who truly lights up when she meets you. The outgoing, affectionate, high-energy young dog came to Diamond in the Ruff a few months ago, and she’s showered love on pretty much everyone she meets. She loves to cuddle as much as she loves to play, and distributes kisses with enthusiasm to anyone interested. At about a…

LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet the Puppies

Does it get any better than this?

PUPPIES. Need we say more? Two seven-week-old bundles of warm, wiggly, snuggly kisses and cuddles stopped by the Morning Show studios to say hello and let us know they’re just one week away from being up for adoption. Their foster names are Twix (the boy) and Lollipop (the girl), and they couldn’t be sweeter. The pittie puppies came to 4…

LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Tilly

Or you could call her Chatty Catty.

She’s only been on this earth for ten weeks, but she’s already got a lot to say about the world. Tilly was discovered by a family who took the orphan kitten in and realized they wouldn’t be able to care for her permanently, so surrendered her to Homeward Animal Shelter. She’s not altered yet, but Homeward offers financial incentives if…

LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Spruce

Spruce up your karma by adopting a kitten who could use a little love.

At less than six months old, Spruce the kitten is already quite a survivor. Dumped on the street to fend for himself and his two brothers at just 8 weeks old, the litter of kittens came in to Diamond in the Ruff pet rescue in rough shape. While they were struggling to survive, they’d been exposed to a series of…

LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Kent

There's no such thing as a stranger to this cuddly cutie.

If you’re looking to make more friends in the new year, you can’t go wrong with a companion like Kent to make introductions for you. The pit bull cross came in to the KVRR studios for his Pet Connection with an enthusiastic greeting for everyone he met. Kent, like a lot of pit bulls, never met a person he didn’t…